Nourishing Woman & Dai Mai Qigong DVD



Nourishing Woman Qigong (Yang Tai Gong) is a powerful form of sitting meditation, offered exclusively for women, that uses visualization to nourish the female body and procreative organs. It is complementary to the cleansing form Jade Woman, and provides great benefit to all women regardless of age or reproductive history while restoring and rejuvenating your energy from the damages received in daily life. More than 50,000 women have been practicing this method worldwide and discovered healing benefits. Dai Mai Qigong activates the Belt Channel located around the waist. Once the Belt Channel is activated, Qi starts to flow freely and expands. This Qigong is effective for conditions such as: constipation, weight control, fibrocystic breasts, and all gynecological and digestive issues. The highlight of this form occurs as the Dai Mai’s energy builds and spirals out, forming an energetic cocoon that provides protection from diseases and radiation that constantly bombard us in our world.