Master Liu He

Master Liu He is a rare and beautiful teacher. She shares Qigong with a lightness of being, never making any concepts too esoteric or distant from us students. She brings even the most unfamiliar concepts down to earth and to our understanding, so that we can put them into our practice. Her method, which she shares generously with all of us, has provided me with a practical framework that I use not only through Qigong movements and meditation exercises but also as a guide for my inner life, for my relationships with people, and for the challenges of today’s modern world.”

Marisol Mayell
Certified Qigong Instructor and Alexander Technique Teacher

“As a Chinese American woman, I have been searching for a female Chinese qigong master for decades. What great good fortune to have found Master Liu He and the Ling Gui School. She is truly a gifted master. Both her knowledge and mastery are at the highest level. She also has great integrity, generosity, wisdom, and compassion. Because of the combination of these characteristics, when she teaches a form, she approaches it from so many levels. She teaches us what to do with our bodies, what meridians the movements affect, and the Daoist and Chinese medicine philosophies behind the movements. Her transmissions are so powerful too. And…the classes are fun and joyful.

I am so grateful to Master Liu He and the Ling Gui School. My life and physical, mental, and spiritual well-being have been so much improved by taking her classes. I hope that when you take a class, you receive all that you need to.”

Denise L, California

“Thanks to Master Liu He for her wonderful teachings. As a licensed acupuncturist for 20+ years, the material she covers is inspiring, eye opening, and easy to apply to clients in the clinic. This feels like the essence of Chinese medicine. Now that the courses are approved by NCCAOM, recertification is easy and I greatly appreciate these opportunities!

Rachel S., LAc, Idaho

“I wanted to thank you again for your participation in Diversity Conference at Pacific University, and share that we have received great feedback from students and faculty.”

School of Professional Psychology Pacific University

Master Liu He’s teachings sparkle with intelligence and relevance to our current times while being firmly rooted in a deep tradition. She is rare both as a female qigong Master and as a Master trained within the context of a traditional qigong family from China. While she holds many of the intricate methodologies of Chinese Energetic Medicine and Chinese cultural wisdom, she is also an innovator preparing us to live more aligned with the natural world even in the face of a hyper technological modernity. Her latest form she is sharing with us, The Super Magic Square, combines simple accessible ways to work with acupoints and elegant movements that yoke us to the stars in order to digest the overwhelming amounts of information our brains are subject to from the internet, social media and augmented reality devices which will be more and more a part of our daily life. Master Liu, with great kindness and enthusiasm leads us into the most powerful technology we own, our own body-mind-spirit.

Liz W, St. Louis

Most highly rated session of our OHSU Integrative Medicine Class.”

OHSU Associate Professor

Master Liu He

With over 40 years of extensive healing and teaching experience, her powerful techniques have helped numerous people around the world. She offers deep wisdom through individual sessions and group classes.

Dr. Liu Dong

“I have been a student of Dr. Liu Dong’s since 1999. In over twenty years of study and practice with him, my health and my understanding of life have grown immeasurably. His wisdom, kindness, and deep understanding of the Chinese classical teachings continue to guide me in my own growth and in supporting my patients’ health. I’m ever grateful for his presence in my life, and for the teachings he shares with constant generosity.

Naomi J, Idaho

“Dr. Liu Dong is a hidden gem and for those of us who have found him a HUGE treasure! He expertly weaves his knowledge of TCM, science, Qigong and meditation for a comprehensive teaching that gives his students the building blocks to transform their body, mind and spirit. He is an absolute joy to study with as he radiates kindness, stability and deep wisdom. Under the guiding light of his teachings, I have accomplished great feats of self-cultivation and healing. For that, I am forever grateful!

Erica LaFrenier, Nevada

Dr. Liu Dong

He began practicing Qigong at the age of 5 with his grandfather and over time developed his own “Liu Dong ‘s Methods”. Completing his Doctor of Acupuncture from the Beijing University in China and a PhD, OMD in California, he brings decades of study and wisdom to his session and classes. 


“These teachings continue to take us beyond what in my experience is far above what I have experienced with other teachers.  Master Liu He also brings a sense of positivity to our lives through these practices. It gives me a sense of hope, and also that we are capable of so much more in these times, of being our “infinite” selves.”

Nadiya Nottingham, Master Teacher Student

The Ling Gui Teacher Training Program is a valuable program for anyone who wants to get serious about qigong, teaching, and their own self-cultivation. The program is flexible in duration so that it can fit into your life, but structured enough to keep you engaged, practicing, and moving forward in the program. I am really glad I’m in the program—I have learned so much!”

Anne G.

Jade Woman Qigong is powerful medicine. I recently taught it to a patient who had been relying on acupuncture and herbs to manage her menstrual cramps, mood swings, and pre-period headaches. Within two months of learning Jade Woman, she completely eliminated all of her symptoms. It just goes to show the most profound healing we can offer our patients is the power to heal themselves.”

Brodie Welch
L.Ac., M.S.O.M. and Certified Qigong Instructor

“Thank you for sharing Qigong and profound wisdom with such love and enthusiasm. It’s a great pleasure to join in your program and feel your radiant Qi making beautiful ripples throughout my life.”

Morgan G, Oregon

Train with Ling Gui

The Ling Gui International Healing Qigong School offers flexible training programs. You may attend courses online or in person.  


Step by step everythingI learn in your seminars fits together and is forming to an universal picture with more and more layers, I can discover and explore!Sometimes it`s like a curtain, that opens suddenly and clear light comes in into my body, emotions and mind!

Gertraude H, Germany

This morning I feel so much qi…from the class yesterday!

Karen, California

I was surprised and pleased at the online experience. It was like being in class with Master Liu! She was very ‘present’ for me and I could definitely feel the qi during the class. The lecture part felt like I was right there with her and the qigong practice was great! It was visually clear and easy to follow.”

Laura H, New Mexico

I feel so clear and at peace after doing the practices of Zhu You. The bone setting part cleared up a stiff knee and hip that I had aggravated by trying to do some tornado kicks and not being able to do them correctly. It was so great to have the stiffness and pain gone, and I am pretty sure it was from that wonderful stretch we held with both hands pushing away and bending to the side.”

Virginia N, Washington
Certified Teacher

I really loved the class and truly appreciated the depth of information that Master Liu provided. Her teaching style is a pretty perfect union, in my opinion of hands-on practice and teaching of theory, cosmology, and history.”

Angela P, Portland, OR

“I am so enjoying my classes via Zoom. It has been a wonderful and continued healing time for me. My last set of cancer tests just came back and are the best results I have had yet. My cancer team of doctors are thrilled. Of course, I am too! I attribute Qigong as a big part to my ongoing success at keeping me healthy.

Debra S. Idaho

Thanks for the class. I enjoyed it very much. I have been to a number of Qigong classes over the years, all of them good in their own way but the classes from Ling Gui have the best Qi…

John E. L.Ac Washington

“Wow. The retreat this past weekend was amazing!

I really enjoyed the form that we learned this weekend, but especially feel fortunate to have been in Master Liu He’s presence, to hear her wisdom and feel her care for us. I love to be reminded that I am my best healer, and return to that knowing through an embodied practice, with a community of practitioners. THANK YOU!”

GL, Portland

I had an absolutely amazing time at the retreat. Not only did I meet so many wonderful people, and learn the beautiful forms that were taught, but I was quite taken by the presence of a nonjudgmental, supportive essence that felt like it was a coming home to my true self. Since the retreat, I feel as if I have been processing things more on a personal/spiritual level. It’s been a time of realizations and releases from past thoughts and beliefs.”


“Not only was your teaching clear and easy to follow online, but Qi absolutely flowed from you through my computer screen to me. This was as close to participating in-person in a Qigong class with you as it could possibly have been. The An Tai meditation is powerful, and truly leaves one feeling peaceful and more secure. Interestingly, there is one added benefit to the Zoom class; it is easier to see the position of your hands and fingers for a mudra. Probably the best indicator of how successful this class was came at the end, when it felt as though no one wanted to leave…myself included 🙂 I am looking forward to the next Zoom Qigong class!”

Phyllis L, Master Teacher, Montana

“I absolutely love the Stabilizing and Empowering the heart meditation. My dog did too. Normally the intoning freaks him out a little and he goes to another room, lol. Both he and my foster dog laid quietly beside me during the meditation. It was so cool. When we were finished and Master Liu He started the lecture, my dog laid right in front of the screen. He could feel her Qi and my Foster dog opened up more. He’s a little skittish, I just picked him up yesterday. It was not only amazing for myself, but the dogs as well. My gratitude to Master Liu He and all of you at Ling Gui.”

Tina K, Certified Teacher, Colorado

“I attended the Jade Woman workshop this weekend. I enjoyed the class so much! Already, I can tell that this form is going to help me balance myself and further open to the world around me. Master Liu He’s gentle presence and grounded energy is inspiring. Thank you!”

Meredith H, Portland, Oregon

“Jade Woman Qigong balanced my body so dramatically and effectively during pre-menopause that within a short time, I no longer needed to take the natural hormone supplements.

Phyllis Lefohn
Photographer and Master Qigong Teacher

I have felt better in the past 3 days than I have felt in months!  My energy level is noticeably higher and my appetite and digestion are stronger! Thank you so much for sharing with us the 5-day meal plan and the kidney activation qigong.  They have made a big difference in my life.  So have you. :).”

Anne G, Colorado

“The zoom classes are a great surprise in the level of personal contact that comes across. Master Liu He’s teaching actually feels like we are working one-on-one. When we perform qigong movements or meditation, right away I start to feel a deep calm and harmony coming through to me. I can also feel more circulation in areas which normally are challenged with blockages. I feel peace and uplifting energy conveyed during the classes, which bring a a feeling of centeredness and fortitude. I generally have an aversion to screens, but I forget about them during these classes. I’m drawn to do more and more zoom Qigong, much to my surprise.”

Clare. W, Montana

“I put my hands in Jie mudra and the next thing I knew, I was waking up. I had fallen in to a deep sleep where I had had a dream that I was with friends and there was so much happiness, kindness, love and laughter! I don’t even remember the last time I had a dream with laughter. I woke feeling happy, safe, peaceful, and relaxed in my body. My muscles were not filled with pain or tension like they typically were when I would awaken. I had a pervasive feeling through my entire being that “everything was going to be ok.” I still have a sense of peace, happiness, and optimism that things are going to be ok. There is so much weight, and stress, and worry that has lifted! It feels phenomenal!

SC, California

I just want to say WOW. The Zhu You form is incredible, I mean I love all of Master Liu’s classes but this is a different level. It feels very powerful. I love it. And I always feel so uplifted after a retreat.

And this one in particular, I was under a lot of stress and pressure from my company and I could feel this resistance in my body and weighing heavy on me. During the retreat after listening to Master Liu talk about the water, adaptation, flexibility, it suddenly disappeared.”

Sandrine E., France

“THANK YOU. No words are able to adequately describe the profound positive impact the Spring Qi Detox class proffered.
I am still processing the pearls of wisdom Master Liu He bestowed…very grateful!
Thank you all for your beautiful, healing, powerful Qi and the efforts you put forth to bring these classes to fruition and aid in all of us emerging in 2021 stronger, wiser and healthier. I look forward to sharing your wisdom and techniques with my patients. I am thrilled all of you continue to offer your time and services to bring good Qi to all of us and I wish you many, many, many, many more years ahead.”

K. Carter. LAc, Kentucky

“Really enjoyed today’s class!
Liu He’s ability to adapt to a new situation is already legendary (e.g., China to France to US!). But watching her master the art of Qi-Zoom is awesome. It is like having Liu He right here in my living room once/week. Feeling blessed.

Phyllis L., Montana

“That was so fabulous! I feel so comfortable with and inspired by Master Liu He. I had so much fun today!”

Courtney C, California

“The 1000 Buddha hands is the most incredible qigong. Thank you for letting me join. The level of healing is exceptional. Thank Master Liu for sharing it with us and her energy.”

Bernice S, Texas

I so encourage you to take this class (One Thousand Hands Buddha). I did and it quickly became one of my favorite practices. Having learned so much about the heart…that it is the greatest producer of the human body’s electromagnetic field; that I’ve seen a video where touching a specific digit on the hand of a monkey resulted in an enlarged and more active area in its brain…well, to learn the 1000 Hands Buddha Qigong is to bring balance to one’s life, bringing heart and mind together in The Field. Makes such good sense and feels so divine. After I “pledge” to my heart before getting out of bed, I often sit and do the 1000 Hands…touching fingers and thumbs in preparation, remembering what each one is “famous” for. The first position, the Diamond Mudra, is repeated throughout: true intelligence requires emotional stability.”

SH, Montana

I really loved the class and truly appreciated the depth of information that Master Liu provided. Her teaching style is a pretty perfect union, in my opinion of hands-on practice and teaching of theory, cosmology, and history.”

Angela P, Portland, OR

“This last form, Yin Yang Harvest, is wonderful. I feel so balanced and stable and calmly energized after practicing. Thank you so much! I have used the zoom recordings to practice and especially like the “upgrading” chanting at the very beginning. I don’t know how it is possible but I still feel your energy even from the zoom recording. I love it. I didn’t think that I’d be able to come in person to any more workshops but now with these Internet classes, my qigong practice has been revived…and I’ve been rejuvenated! I am so grateful!”

Lizzie S, Seattle

“Celestial Pillar has been a really powerful form for me. Power doesn’t seem quite adequate exactly because it is subtle at the same time, but after dealing with cancer, adrenal fatigue, and more transition and indecisiveness than I care to admit, I am finally beginning to feel like I have real connection with myself again. AND the energy to move forward. Qigong up until now has definitely helped me heal and connect, but still I felt an inner stuckness that was very frustrating.
I know the path continues to unfold, but truly in just the 5 or so weeks since Memorial weekend I have been practicing regularly and noticed changes. I’ve moved forward on numerous things that were just lingering…
Outwardly, these things are small, but for me they represent a path forward and hope, which is a wonderful, incredible feeling.
Thank you very much for your teachings, Master Liu. They mean so much.”


“I was at the Nourishing Woman Qigong seminar last weekend and it was incredible. I am really excited to incorporate this qigong in my every day life.

K. Hamilton, Pennsylvania

“A Zoom Qi class is like having a private session with Master Liu He. Not only do we learn or review a form with abundant information, we also experience her powerful presence and energetic healing transmissions. Thank you!”

Sita W, Oregon

“Connecting with Master Liu He has been the blessing of a lifetime, awakening a dormant healing capacity within me, and a heightened sense of true self-love. Jade Woman makes it easier to live on this planet and has graced my midlife years immeasurably. My teacher walks in integrity with our true nature: balanced, stable, and soft, gifting the West. In deep soul gratitude for all you so graciously awaken within us.”

Maureen Bright
Montessori Teacher and Certified Qigong Instructor

“I am so enjoying my classes via Zoom. It has been a wonderful and continued healing time for me. My last set of cancer tests just came back and are the best results I have had yet. My cancer team of doctors are thrilled. Of course, I am too! I attribute Qigong as a big part to my ongoing success at keeping me healthy.”

Debra S, Idaho

Take a Course

Courses are offered throughout the year online and in person. In most courses, you will learn a Medical Qigong form, Chinese/Daoist medical theory, seasonal lifestyle suggestions, seasonal food therapy, and ancient wisdom for modern times. 


“Merci encore pour le très beau stage que tu nous as fait vivre, avec toute la richesse de ton enseignement. Les élèves ont été très, très contents.

Ghislaine G, France

Merci pour ces 3 jours de grande intensité vibratoire et passionnants
Ce fut un séminaire de grande envergure!
Aujourd’hui, je me sens profondément bien ancrée et sereine. J’adore cette pratique et ai la ferme intention de bien la développer afin de pouvoir à mon tour la transmettre et aider, aider et encore aider celles et ceux qui demain vont en avoir grand besoin!”

Brigitte F, Italie

“J’ai rencontré Maître Liu He en France il y a de nombreuses années. La première méthode que j’ai apprise avec elle est le qi gong de la Fille de Jade. Cette forme est très bénéfique pour la santé des femmes, à tous les âges de leur vie. J’ai assisté à plusieurs stages en France avec un public de plus en plus nombreux. Tous les élèves apprécient sa générosité, son enseignement très clair et bien adapté aux évènements de la vie moderne.

L’enseignement a beaucoup évolué depuis que Zoom est utilisé pour les cours. Maître Liu He sait nous transmettre son énergie par ce média, nous restons proches d’elle. La possibilité de pouvoir revoir le cours plusieurs fois permet de mieux comprendre et apprendre les méthodes.

En plus du Qi Gong, Maître Liu He nous transmet ses connaissances en Feng Shui et en astrologie pour que nous puissions mieux diriger notre vie.

Je suis très heureuse de pouvoir l’aider à transmettre son enseignement en français. Je la remercie de me faire confiance dans cette tâche.”

Annie, France

J’aimerais exprimer mes remerciements à Maître LIU HE pour ce cours très intéressant sur la pratique de la purification des moelles. 

Merci pour toutes les explications et pour l’apprentissage détaillé des mouvements.

Viviane B., France

French Retreats

Master Liu He travels twice a year to teach in France!


I have become healthier practicing the Qigong methods taught by Master Liu He.”

Margaret Palmquest
M.D. and Certified Qigong Instructor

“The Ling Gui School has given me a way of seeing myself through Nature and the natural rhythms of Qigong has empowered that way of being in the world; my students see it too and have shared with me this way of being in the world has helped them cope in these extraordinary times. Deep bows of gratitude to Master Liu He and Dr. Liu Dong and their Grandfather for the generous way they have shared this wisdom with the world.”

Nadiya Nottingham, New York

“We are so grateful for Master Liu and Polly and for all their support. Since Rick was diagnosed with AML, our world was turned upside down. If it hadn’t been for the qigong that we learned from Master Liu and the healing sessions that Rick has done with her, he would not be doing as well as he has. It truly has helped us to cope with all the set backs and has given us a totally different perspective on the disease. We do see it as a learning opportunity and not some terrible tragedy. We don’t know what the future will hold for us but we are optimistic about life and we are so thankful for our faith, qigong and Master Liu.”

L. Boydston, Grandview, WA

“These are very powerful classes, especially after the healing session I received.  It was verging on the miraculous.”

Terri S., Washington

“How do I actually say thank you and honor the person and traditions that have saved my life, my sanity, my future and soul’s path? Surely it is not possible… but this is the pivotal path you have lit for me in 2023. In truth, I cannot even comprehend the endless spiraling expansion I have undergone in just one year under your wing, resting in Ling Gui’s heart. I am grateful to Heaven always for drawing me to you. I know you demur at such praise, but in my heart I can think of you no other way. So often I bow to you and your tremendous ancestral soulstream for all that you offer so selflessly to humanity. Your virtues always inspire me; your good cheer and wisdom keep me motivated; the Qi family you have gathered makes me know (despite how I may feel sometimes) that I am never alone. I always belong. For this and much more I am eternally grateful. Indeed I am always aware of how rare and blessed I am to call myself your lifelong student.

And at the same time, I know we enrich each other. That gives me a deep, quiet pleasure too. Simply put, YOU are the treasure of my life. I am most blessed. Loved, Blessed and Treasured beyond measure, as I tell myself every morning.

Robyn D., Idaho

“I have had an issue with many side effects as part of my long haul symptoms from my bad case of covid last November. I have credited Qigong with helping to keep me out of the hospital. Even though I am a long hauler and have had multiple side effects from Covid, I really feel Qigong has helped my recovery. The breathing work and tapping of the lung points were crucial to me, especially when I was bedridden. Covid played havoc with my diabetes, metabolism, and liver also. I have worked hard to recover my strength and health. I kept doing Qigong through it all. My latest medical tests have shown great improvement. My liver is normal, my diabetes is finally under control even to the point I was able to decrease the amount of insulin I take each day. My taste is mostly back and my smell and balance have definitely improved. My whole body is feeling stronger and my energy is making a resounding comeback. I am going into this winter healthier and stronger than ever. I am so thankful for Qigong.”

Debra S., Idaho

“Finding and practicing Qigong during my life’s journey has been powerful beyond words and continues that way as I deepen my practice. I am truly beginning to understand Master Liu He saying, “At first you practice Qigong, and then Qigong practices you.”

Carrie Lafferty,
Physical Therapist, Feldenkrais and Certified Qigong Instructor

“It has been an honor to study with Master Liu He and her brother, Dr. Liu Dong for three years. People may travel afar in hopes of studying with such renowned teachers. They come to us with a rich, long and pure lineage. They come with noble happy hearts, quiet mastery, humility. and as two of China’s National Treasures.


“Qigong is like “coming home”. As I balance nature within, I experience the highest form of self love and the spiritual and physical opening that follows. My practice has supported me through a crossroads in life of seemingly unbearable pain. Cultivate what is good within and allow the rest to fall to the side.

Not denial. Not change. Transformation.

A Grateful Student

“What qigong has done for me. I’ve gone from being unable to walk around the block eight years ago, to having good health, and freedom from disabling, chronic pain in spite of the fact that I have severely degenerated discs in my lower back and upper neck from a childhood injury. And that’s just the physical healing. I also found not just one, but two qigong teachers who are very different from each other in who they are, how they teach, and what they teach. And they are brother and sister! Master Liu He and Dr. Liu Dong have taught with great grace and patience under sometimes very difficult circumstances. They teach with incredible dignity, humility, and approachability. They honor their students by always being fully present and giving fully of themselves, even if maybe they are stressed by life outside the classroom. Their dedication to Qigong is a testimony to the power it has in their own lives. They model a high level of intelligence and compassion, and they act as though we students can do what they do, with the same intelligence and compassion! And so, we students experience depths of meditation, depths of compassion, strength of character, and other qigong and life experiences we didn’t think were possible. I am grateful to Master Liu He and Dr. Liu Dong.”

SS, Master’s Program Student

“I have found Qigong as taught by Master Liu invaluable. It has given me a method to access and develop a dimension of strength, vitality and groundedness that is hard to put into words. What a joy!


“This weekend with Hun and Po was very intensive and interesting! I also see very positive results in my job providing shiatsu treatment.”

Virginia R, Italy

“Recently, my experiences with Qigong have helped me when I became ill with a terrible head cold. I was waking up in the middle of the night with restlessness, cough, and a fever accompanied by body aches. I thought of Qigong to help me relax. I didn’t feel like actually getting out of bed so I simply visualized myself doing the one thousand hands Buddha form. The next thing I remember was waking up the next morning.

One of the mornings I awoke, the left side of my head, eye, and left cheek hurt so bad I couldn’t get up. I placed my hands on the sides of my head and ran myself through the laying down meditation (not sure what this one is called). I opened the door at GV 20 and allowed the Qi to enter into my brain, eyes, face, nose, and throat. After about ten minutes the pain was gone and I was able to get up.

I have also be able to reduce anxious feelings and thoughts by taking a moment to concentrate on my breathing in Mudra one, the diamond Mudra. Often before I enter my dentist office I will sit in my car for about 5-10 minutes and just concentrate on my breathing. I have found that when I go in for my visit that I am able to maintain that same breath and my blood pressure readings are always lower than usual.”

Self-Cultivation & Teacher Training student

My Healing Journey after cancer treatment has been greatly enhanced by learning Qigong with Master Liu He. Three months after my last chemotherapy, I took the Jade Woman workshop. It was both exhilarating and calming. I felt new surges of energy and I felt as if I was reclaiming my body after five months of intense medical treatment. I also find Master Liu He to be a wonderful model for what I call “the power of yin.” So rarely do I see that modeled in leadership in the larger world. She makes me very proud to embrace my own yin power as a woman and to bring it into the world. Master Liu He also has a wonderful sense of humor and a joy for life that she incorporates into her stellar leadership!

I bought Master Liu He’s book and companion DVD, Jade Woman Qigong: The Healing power of Taoist Medicine for Every Woman, which have been a tremendous help with practicing Jade Woman on my own and understanding the Taoist teachings that have been the foundation of Qigong practice and Chinese Medicine for thousands of years.

In February 2010, I took Master Liu He’s workshop, Nourishing Woman Qigong, which has deepened my appreciation of Qigong as a healing and sustaining life practice. These workshops have inspired me to commit to the Ling Gui Qigong School’s personal Self-Cultivation Program. I want to incorporate Qigong into my daily life and I see this practice as a powerful tool in my health and long life. At 58 years old, I am also experiencing a more profound appreciation for life through practicing mindfulness. It is exciting to feel a whole new chapter in my life begin…and to be healthy once again!

(Grateful and Happy Student of Qigong)

What is Qigong?

Medical Qigong is an ancient form of Chinese energetic medicine and is a branch of Chinese Medicine. The methods offer a way to harmonize qi to support the optimal function of the Zang-Fu organs and facilitate free-flowing Qi throughout the body by unwinding knots and removing blockages.


Due to years of chronic neuralgia, I’ve been on heavy pain meds just to leave my house, walking with a cane, and had frequent days where I couldn’t get out of bed. In December, I had one treatment with Master Liu He, and nervously enrolled (I wasn’t sure I could make it through!) in her Winter Yang Sheng class. By late Feb (after only the third class in the series and diligent practice at home), I was no longer using a cane, and had reduced the dosage of pain meds. By mid-March, I no longer had any bed-bound days. I’ve still got a long road ahead of me, but very glad Master Liu and her qigong treasures are part of my healing plan!”

J. Wygal, Portland, Oregon

Just wanted to express my gratitude.   Last month received a qi healing session from Liu He, for help with my cancers, mainly CLL.   At my oncology checkup yesterday many of my blood levels were better;  the biggest improvement were my red blood cells, nearly doubled!!, they haven’t been this regular in years.   The Qi guidance to massaging the LV14 point after eating has helped me tremendously, and just wanted to pass on my thanks.  With more blood I have more energy, enough so that I get to continue the work with the stomach magic square.

DL, Oregon

I had a fantastic consulting session with Master Liu. You know you’re with an amazing master when her recommendations are soooo much simpler, and more powerful, than the things your smarty-pants self thought you’d be needing! Astonishingly knowledgeable and insightful, she is the most valuable teacher and health advisor I’ve ever had.  I feel most fortunate to call myself her student.”

Robyn D., Idaho

“Last spring, I took a series of six classes in The Six Healing Sounds from one of the teachers trained by Master Liu. I am very happy and surprised at how easily the practice improves my emotional outlook. It’s easy for me to continue to practice the Six Healing Sounds (almost every day since taking the class) in part because I actually feel improvement every day, even as I practice! My naturopath recently suggested that I might also benefit from private sessions with Master Liu. I have had three appointments with Master Liu, over a period of about five weeks, each appointment supported by following up with her simple food therapies. I am astonished at the level of improvement I feel in every aspect of my health and well-being as well as my attitude and outlook. At my third appointment with Master Liu, she told me to continue practicing qi gung, and that I wouldn’t need to see her again for 2-3 months. I haven’t ever been as quickly and profoundly affected by another practice or therapy, and I was very happy to hear that these changes are strong and stable enough to allow me to practice for a season before seeing her again. Thank you, Master Liu”

B.L. , Oregon

“Twelve years ago my body was shutting down. I had multiple organ failure, was on a ventilator and in a coma. I managed to live through that. The doctors didn’t know what was making me sick, and couldn’t explain how I got better. Four years after that it all happened again. That was my second brush with death. The doctors still couldn’t explain what was going on. Four years after that I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme Disease. Too sick to work, I’ve been unemployed since then. I was treated with multiple antibiotics and other drugs, trying to control the symptoms for a disease that no one knew how to cure. My doctor called it a terminal illness and my life would be as long as I was able to control the symptoms which included a raging lung infection, massive edema and diabetes that was constantly threatening to go out of control. In October of 2012 I knew that I was losing the battle to live. It was getting harder and harder to keep things under control. I knew in my heart that I wouldn’t survive a third round of organ failures. Four months ago, I met Master Liu for the first time. What a difference she has made in my life. I’m off all the antibiotics and pills that I’d been taking for years. My mind is clear and my digestion is improving. My immune system is starting to respond more normally. I had been living under the threat of a death sentence every day for all these years, but now I finally have real hope. I’m seeing measurable and positive differences. Thank you, Master Liu, for giving me my life back.

Blessings Cee Neuner

“My elderly mother has seen Master Liu He two times and had immediate health improvements after both sessions. Her healing sessions are powerful. She will continue to see Master Liu He on a regular basis to help improve her health issues. We are grateful.”

Anonymous, Portland, Oregon

“After my March 6th appointment I have followed your instructions and as early as 3 days after the appointment I began to feel so much better. My energy has improved significantly, my sleep is much more peaceful and I am feeling more positive.


“Thank you. These sessions supplement and support the work that I do on my own…just perfect.”

N. Sides (Skype session)

“I have worked with Master Liu He several times and have found that generally my health is improving and more than that, specific problems that I had previously been experiencing are also improving. I am very grateful for her expertise and recommendations for healthy eating. Thank you”

Karen (in-person & Skype sessions)

“Received a great treatment on many levels. Master Liu has an amazing way of taking seemingly complex health issues and zeroing in on the root of the imbalance with laser precision.

OCOM graduate/Acupuncturist (in-person session)

“Thank you very much for the healing session last week and for sending your Qi. The session relieved much of the pain and helped realign my spine. I appreciate the recommendations for foods & lifestyle adjustments. I look forward to another session.”

K. Schaeffer, Washington (phone healing session)

“Thanks a lot! Your consult really helped me a lot!”

Marike B., Netherlands (Zoom session)

Healing Sessions with Master Liu He

Master Liu He offers individual sessions online or in person. She conducts them in English, French, or Mandarin. 

Astrology Readings

“That was incredible Master Liu! Thank you again — I can’t believe all that you saw in my chart.  So helpful!”

Michelle M., Oregon

And thank you for the great Astrology session! I am amazed at how much you could see into my life journey  (even prenatal) by looking at my natal chart. Very accurate. I am making sure to follow all your suggestions! Also by being more aware and accepting

Marisol, M. NC

It has been one of the most informative, practical advice I’ve received maybe ever and everyone I talk with about it wants to be next in line for an appt! It really felt like the personal application/culmination of the healing, and feng shui sessions we had already done. It clarified and gave direction in a very personal way. So a big thank you

TP, Oregon

Astrology Consultations

Master Liu He utilizes and teaches the Four Pillars of Destiny (Ba Zi), which are believed to characterize a person’s path. The Four Pillars are determined by your Year, Month, Day, and Hour of birth. She offers individual consultations and also teaches this theory in her classes.

Feng Shui

We call it a “consultation” but it’s so much more. For me, it has been a key, a prism, and a brisk wind. The key opened the front door to another dimension of the house I’ve been living in. The prism has shone a light into all the dark corners I had hidden from myself, and the brisk wind? Well, it blew away the cobwebs from long-standing resistance to change. Don’t ask if you don’t really want to know – because you can’t unknow what Master Liu He shows you. It’s a powerhouse of ongoing discovery.”

Michelle M, Portland, OR

Wanted to pass along a good story. I gave my friend a copy of the Triple Gold Protection talisman that Master Liu gave to us.
She immediately started having things happen for her. (She is a designer and editor.)
-(that same day) Found her car keys that had been lost for 3 weeks
-Had 5 job offers come in, in next week
-Had 2 interviews for other projects and they have called back for 2nd interviews
She is very grateful and excited about having the talisman. Thank you Master Liu He!”

Laura H, New Mexico

Feng Shui Consultations

Master Liu He utilizes and teaches the Nine Flying Star Feng Shui method. She offers individual consultations for your home and also teaches this theory in her classes.

Books/DVD/Online Video

“Last night and this morning I did a combination of immune boost qigong and stabilizing and empowering the heart practice.
The first one seems to really open up the lungs, while the second one feels so powerful and peaceful!
It feels like a blessing to be learning these methods.”

G. Watson, California

“Thank you Master Liu for creating the Diamond Qigong DVD. My wife a few weeks ago was shown to have breast cysts and since then I have been wondering about the best treatment for this as Western doctors do not treat it. They just watch it waiting for it to become tumor, as you well know. Your explanation makes sense as my wife has had some major grief from a few very important losses. I have been enjoying doing your Concentrating the Hun and I hope that my wife will be interested in obtaining your Diamond Qigong DVD. What a great blessing to women you are providing!


“I have been quite ill for about 10 days and the only thing that has been my constant help and support are the videos of Master Liu He doing Immune Boost, Self Massage and 1000 Buddha that I have access to…this is a note first to thank you so deeply for this powerful work, and to request that you keep teaching and making teachings available online because this medicine from Master Liu is such a gift…I have tears in my eyes with gratitude. Love and health to the Ling Gui family.”


“I want to thank you for your beautiful qigong dvds. I first discovered you on youtube. I have Lyme disease. I started doing some of the forms you show on youtube and then I ordered 2 of your videos. I have wanted to learn 1000 Buddha hands for a long time. I love the video and have also started doing more of your qigong forms. I have been doing qigong for about 30 years but your forms seem to be the best for my health. In just a short time I have started feeling better. Lyme doesn’t seem to be such a terrible problem any more. Thank you for your dedication to helping others.”


“It is with great honor that I provide Master Liu He, a long standing faculty member at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, with an endorsement for her book. For many years she has been an integral part of the qigong program at the college. Her work has positively touched the many students, colleagues and community members who have had the opportunity to take classes with her. Having experienced her work first hand I can attest to the fact that her teaching style fully engages the student in practice as well as qigong theory and philosophy. Her book contains a vast amount of qigong theory and philosophy that I found applicable for men as well as women”

Michael Gaeta, EdD
President, Oregon College of Oriental Medicine

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Master Liu He offers additional study aides in our shop! There are several items available to support your Qigong studies. 


“Ho incontrato Master Liu He e suo fratello Liu Dong circa 25 anni fa quando vivevano in Francia. Da allora abbiamo organizzato insieme corsi di formazione in Italia per i miei studenti. Sono stata colpita dalla ricchezza e dalla varietà della loro tradizione.
Durante questo quarto di secolo, ho notato come Master Liu He non ha mai cessato di studiare e di adattare il suo metodo ai bisogni odierni dei suoi studenti , dando loro mezzi, coraggio e fiducia per affrontare le difficoltà della vita quotidiana. Questo è veramente il segno di un grande Maestro!

Dominique Ferraro, Italy

Italian Retreats

Master Liu He travels each year to teach in Italy! 


“Ich habe Dao-Meisterin Liu He vor 10 Jahren über das Internet gefunden, weil ich nach Jahren des Trainings mit männlichen Meistern des Qigong nach einer Lehrerin suchte.
Es war eine Fügung (im chinesischen nennt man es Yuanfen), denn ich kannte nichts über sie und ihren Bruder Dr. Liu Dong.
Aber nach der ersten Begegnung mit den beiden Geschwistern wusste ich, meine Heimat gefunden zu haben.
Seitdem lerne ich von beiden Lehrern, die uns Schüler authentisch, detailliert, humorvoll, verständlich, nachvollziehbar und dabei doch tief in die Geheimnisse der daoistischen Medizin und des daoistisch-buddhistischen Qigongs hinein begleiten.

Selber im modernen Leben stehend (beide haben Familie), weisen sie uns Westler in verloren gegangene Geheimnisse des Lebens über unseren Körper (Jing), Energie (Qi), Geist und Seele (Shen) ein.
Ich bin beiden Geschwistern in tiefem Dank verbunden für Ihre Offenheit, Güte und Weisheit, mit der sie alle Interessierten in Theorie und Praxis unterrichten.

Joachim Stuhlmacher, Germany

German Retreats

Master Liu He travels each year to teach in Germany!