Magic Square Abdominal Qigong Spring/Summer Class Series with Master Liu He – Livestream

Join Master Liu He for this timely class series! 2024 is the Year of the Wood Dragon. The Wood Dragon is known to dominate the Earth and potentially cause earthquakes, leading to insecurity and instability. Within Chinese medicine theory, the Earth element is associated with our digestive system, which can be challenged and/or weakened by […]

Yi Jing & Hexagram for 2024 with Master Liu He (Livestream)

Hexagram 55: Abundance Thunder Trigram over Fire Trigram The hexagram of 2024 signifies THUNDER and FIRE, indicating that these elements characterize this year. But what does THUNDER and FIRE symbolize? "The emperor emerges from shock; thunder and fire propel it forward; shock transforms into a dragon." As the king of beasts, the dragon embodies clear […]

30 Hour Summer Retreat 2024 with Dr. Liu Dong & Master Liu He – In Person

Alton L. Collins Retreat Center 32867 SE Highway 211, Eagle Creek, OR, United States

Immerse yourself in 5-days of Qigong and Meditation led by Dr. Liu Dong and Master Liu He! IN-PERSON Retreat for our July sessions! We plan to gather in person this summer at the Alton L. Collins Retreat Center! We look forward to connecting with you! The facilities provide a lodge-type feel with many outdoor spaces, […]

Super Magic Square Qigong Summer Retreat with Master Liu He – In Person

Alton L. Collins Retreat Center 32867 SE Highway 211, Eagle Creek, OR, United States

Super Magic Square for Time and Space Healing Empower Your Inner Magic Square in this Green Dragon Year to harmonize with the White Tiger! Super Magic Square (Luo Shu) Qi for Healing The magic square is a magical numerical model of the universe. It is used in Feng Shui, Qigong, Chinese Medicine, and astrology to […]

South Dipper Six Stars Astrology Qigong with Master Liu He – Livestream

How does the Southern Dipper relate to your life? The "Six Stars of the Southern Dipper" are East of the Milky Way, Northeast of Jisu, the seventh constellation of the Eastern Dragon, the other three are the Southern Vermilion Bird, the Western White Tiger, and the Northern Black Tortoise. The stars near the ecliptic are […]

Yin Yang Five Elements of Ba Zi with Master Liu He – Livestream

Yin Yang Five Elements of BaZi BaZi is a form of Chinese astrology that dates back thousands of years. A BaZi chart uses the information (birth year, month, date and hour) to interpret the destiny, personality, potential relationships, strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities (of a person, business, or country). The chart can reveal the influences in their […]