Guardian Lions Qigong for Wei Qi, Ying Qi, & Zang Qi with Master Liu He Livestream

Tie Yi "Guardian Lions" Qigong is a form to strengthen the force of the 3 body layers. (15 hour class series) Unlock and Restore Your Endocrine System Chinese Guardian Lions, also called Fu dogs, are depicted as intimidating, mythical creatures seen in many forms of art ranging from architecture to tattoos. The Lions symbolize prosperity […]

Infinite Life: Cycles of Birth and Death with Master Liu He-Livestream

      For most people death is considered the end of life. The teachings of Buddhism and Daoism view death as a ¬†rebirth. When our physical body dies, our body's weight decreases by 21 grams. This is considered the weight of the soul and was part of a scientific experiment in 1907 by Duncan […]