European Courses

European Courses

With Master Liu He’s global presence, she travels to Europe yearly to connect in-person with students. These retreats are conducted in French, German, and Italian. If you are interested in sponsoring a workshop with her in your country, please contact us for more information.


Master Liu He offers these courses in French and translated to Italian.


Master Liu He offers these courses in French.


Master Liu He offers these courses in English and translated to German.

“I met Master Liu He and her brother Dr Liu Dong some 25 years ago when they lived in France. 
Since then we have organized seminars and training courses in Italy for my students. I was struck then by the richness and intensity of their tradition. Moreover, during this quarter of a century, I noticed how Master Liu He never stopped to study and adapt her method to her new life framework and to the current needs of her students, giving them tools, trust and courage to cope with the difficulties of everyday life. This is indeed the seal of a Great Master!”

Dominique Ferraro, Italy