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Full description for Master Liu He’s YouTube video posted on 12/27/22 – Self-Cultivation at the New Year! An opportunity for family, country, and global blossoms.

Hello everyone. Happy Holidays. In this video, I will talk about the New Year and a new vision. I would like to thank those who joined me last Wednesday 12/21/22, for the Winter Solstice. Many people told me about their experience with the powerful meditation. That day the Sun Qi and the first Yang Qi are present. This is one of the biggest days in Daoism practice even more so than the Lunar New Year.  It is a very important day of the whole year to practice qigong and connect with the Sun.

I want to thank all who attended, so many people joined in for the meditation. This time I noticed it was not only individuals who attended globally, there were many families that attended together. Some couples, friends, and so many families not just individuals joined in. We created a big Qi family. That is so good to help us set the vision for 2023. As you can see in this picture, the hexagram is the Family YiJing hexagram. That means next year is a good year to start a family. So if you do things well (lifestyle, practice, etc.) you can get more help from your family and join a family. Your own family, Qi family, and your community family. This is next year’s picture. If your family did not connect, you might be facing challenges and potential to split. So we want to create a positive message which is what we did last Wednesday together to deliver a family message. Then the family unit, the country, and the world can all create together. The YiJing hexagram wisdom for the 2023 year of the Water Rabbit, occurs every 60 years. The last time was in 1963. The next will be 2083. It means if you follow the suggestions for the year, it can help you for the next 60 years in terms of health, wealth, work, and particularly relationships. Next year is not only working with family connections but also with relationships and other connections. 

As you can see the Water Rabbit year 2023, starts on February 4, this is considered Chinese (Lunar) New Year. The sign of the Rabbit has a lot of prosperity and wisdom, we do know that this Water Rabbit year is also a Black Rabbit and you might also face many problems and challenges. In Chinese philosophy there is a saying, which means Self-cultivation, leads to family blossom, then the country will blossom, and the world will blossom. That is why the hexagram indicates family importance in society. It is a good time to get married, start a family, or expand your family. When you are happy in your family you are happy in society. Another highlight for next year is, female energy and virtue are very important in 2023.  

1. Starting with Winter Solstice – one Yang Starting. If you practiced Qigong that day then the Yang started. 2. Be really in sync with the Season on January 1. New Year’s Day we call Yuan Dan, the first day of 2023. It is not Chinese (Lunar) New Year but we call it Yuan Dan first day of the year. 

Yuan means original, president or government. Last Wednesday is like you elected a president and on the first day of the year, it’s time to form your government. This also means to continue developing a connection to your power and return to singularity, original Qi. We say President, in Chinese we also say Yuanshou (head of original). Yuan has been with two parts, the first is with two (yin/yang). Winter Solstice Qi has one yang starting and then on January 1, two yangs are present. Underneath are er (2) and zi (seeds, child), giving birth. This means Winter Solstice is one, January 1 is two, then give birth to a child 3. Then the 3 treasures start and the family starts which is January 1. Dan, means sun and comes to horizontal and the Yang Qi can continue to give birth. The Yang Qi continues to rise and rise to February 4, the first day of Spring and leads to Cherry Blossoms. From January 1 – February 4 you want to reset your body’s government statement, what you want to do what message you want to deliver. The statement you want, self-cultivation can lead to family blossoms, country blossoms, and world blossoms. Then this is also the original Emperor, together means play (you use all the original Yuan Qi). January 1- February 4 is a time to seriously self-cultivate, and look at your family, country, and body’s message. When you play (not serious/use up your Qi) it means your emperor/government is all finished. 

In Winter Solstice class, we practiced the Zi Wu mudra. January 1 you may continue to use this mudra. In the body, Zi is your tailbone and Wu is the top of the head. Left hand touches the right hand, middle finger and thumb connect together. Hold the mudra and tap your tailbone 9, 39, or 81 times, at the same time click your tongue. Close your eyes and visualize the Winter Sun to warm up youtailbone area.Yuan Dan move from the horizontal positionThe Winter sun frequency is the same frequency as your body, this also helps you increase your vitality and release fear/fright, a powerful infrared energy, releasing fear and pain as well as many problems related to the auto-immune system. You can visualize for a few minutes. Wu location same mudra and tap your biological clock and click your tongue 9, 39, 81 times. If you practice this portion from Winter Solstice to the Lunar New year three years in a row, this can lead to health and wealth for you to the age of at least 81 years old. Then visualize the sun on the top of the head. On January 1 the sun becomeshorizontal. Lighting up this area and continue to help you set your biological clock balancing your Yin state and balancing your body’s Yin and Yang Qi. Balancing your thinking and removing all stagnation, negative mind, and negative thinking. You can visualize this area turning red as infrared light. You can practice this from January 1 – February 4 and this leads you to Cherry Blossom time. The statement self-cultivation can lead to family blossoms, country blossoms, and whole world blossoms. I hope you like this video. Please share as with the year of the Rabbit it is about sharing, every Rabbit has 9 homes and it means you need at least 9 connections. Give something good to your connections, make more connections, open to many possibilities, and open many doors to reverse the challenges. 

Thank you so much, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

This post (and all other posts by Master Liu He and the Ling Gui International Healing Qigong School) are for educational and general purposes only. When Qigong is properly practiced, it is extremely beneficial and presents minimal risk to one’s health, please consult your physician if you doubt your capabilities or have special health concerns.


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