Cancer Prevention and Support utilizing Qigong & Daoist Wisdom with Master Liu He -Livestream

Master Liu He was recently invited by the FFAEMC (Fédération Française des Arts Energétiques et Martiaux Chinois) to present during a Qigong & Daoist Wisdom conference on the topic of cancer. Certain hours and days of the year are important for boosting your "Qi Army" (defense) to control and eliminate negative Qi, emotions, and abnormal cells. She […]

Qigong and Daoist Nutrition for Winter/Spring with Master Liu He – Livestream

Kick off the new Year with these NEW ERA vision-changing Qigong classes! New Years bring new intentions and perspectives; we invite you back to yourself through this livestream course to reinforce your healthy life style choices and habits. Enroll and bring new vision to your life. Daoist Nutrition for the New Year! Sight Bank: Seeing 2000 […]