Master Teacher

Master Teacher Training

165 hours + possible 25 hours of bonus

After completing the foundational Programs 1, 2, and 3, you may enroll in the Master Teacher Program. This 165 hour program provides continued self-cultivation and practice. When completed, students are certified as Master Teacher through the Ling Gui Qigong School with permission to teach many Qigong forms, represent the Liu Family Lineage, and certify your students to teach one form.

“These teachings continue to take us beyond what in my experience is far above what I have experienced with other teachers.  Master Liu He also brings a sense of positivity to our lives through these practices. It gives me a sense of hope, and also that we are capable of so much more in these times, of being our “infinite” selves.”

Nadiya N., Master Teacher Student

Program Details

The Master Teacher Program is a way to further develop your relationship with Medical Qigong and expand your understanding. As you continue to deepen your practice and study, you begin to perceive multiple layers of the material and the relationship of the different branches of the teachings.

This is a flexible program allowing you to begin at any time and choose the courses you would like to attend. All of our offerings are listed on the Events page. Courses are offered online (livestream via Zoom), class recordings available to view for a limited time after the class, and/or in-person.

Tuition: $5900

“The Ling Gui School has given me a way of seeing myself through Nature and the natural rhythms of Qigong has empowered that way of being in the world; my students see it too and have shared with me this way of being in the world has helped them cope in these extraordinary times. Deep bows of gratitude to Master Liu He and Dr. Liu Dong and their Grandfather for the generous way they have shared this wisdom with the world.”

Nadiya Nottingham, New York, Master Teacher Student

“The meaning of Dao is to always remember that you are a beginner.”

– Master Liu He

“Really enjoyed today’s class!

Liu He’s ability to adapt to a new situation is already legendary (e.g., China to France to US!). But watching her master the art of Qi-Zoom is awesome. It is like having Liu He right here in my living room once/week. Feeling blessed.

Phyllis L., Montana, Master Qigong Teacher

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