Course Recordings

Course Recordings

Select recordings of previous courses can be purchased here.

Feng Shui Forecasting 2024 with Master Liu He

Year of 2024 ushers in a majestic representation of the Dragon, the EMERALD Dragon.

This Dragon leads us into a new 20 year cycle (2024-2044) called period 9, beginning on Lichun, February 4, 2024. Each period is associated with a specific trigram and influenced by a particular Star. Master Liu He will provide students with practices to engage and highlight the positive energies and eliminate/harmonize the negative energies in a house or office. In this 5-hour Qi Zoom livestreamed class, Master Liu He will show you the best remedies and activators for health and wealth!

What you will learn: 

  • FORM:  qigong form for your personal practice, this allows for self-healing and the ability to connect with qi and transmit
  • THEORY:  Chinese Medicine, Daoist Medicine (pertaining to the season, form, meridians, acupoints)
  • PHILOSOPHY:  Qigong philosophy, lifestyle practices – what is most beneficial for the season in regard to daily living
    Each class varies and may also contain:
  • Nutritional practices – what is most beneficial to align with the seasonal Qi
  • Feng Shui/Astrology – utilizing the Qi associated with the year or season, Master Liu He provides practices to work with the Qi at a specific time

5 Hour Class Tuition: $199

What you will receive

  • Recording links for 4 weeks
  • Lecture Slide presentation link to download post-class
  • Qi Transmission in your own home from Master Liu He

Fee: $199 – Pay online by clicking here or mail in a check (please advise if you are mailing in a check)

Within 24 hours of payment, you will receive the links. All fees are non-refundable after links have been sent. Continuing Education certificates are not available for the recordings.

When Qigong is properly practiced, it is extremely beneficial and presents minimal risk to one’s health; please consult your physician if you doubt your capabilities or have special health concerns.

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