Yi Jing & Hexagram for 2024 with Master Liu He (Livestream)

Hexagram 55: Abundance Thunder Trigram over Fire Trigram The hexagram of 2024 signifies THUNDER and FIRE, indicating that these elements characterize this year. But what does THUNDER and FIRE symbolize? "The emperor emerges from shock; thunder and fire propel it forward; shock transforms into a dragon." As the king of beasts, the dragon embodies clear […]

South Dipper Six Stars Astrology Qigong with Master Liu He – Livestream

How does the Southern Dipper relate to your life? The "Six Stars of the Southern Dipper" are East of the Milky Way, Northeast of Jisu, the seventh constellation of the Eastern Dragon, the other three are the Southern Vermilion Bird, the Western White Tiger, and the Northern Black Tortoise. The stars near the ecliptic are […]

Yin Yang Five Elements of Ba Zi with Master Liu He – Livestream

Yin Yang Five Elements of BaZi BaZi is a form of Chinese astrology that dates back thousands of years. A BaZi chart uses the information (birth year, month, date and hour) to interpret the destiny, personality, potential relationships, strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities (of a person, business, or country). The chart can reveal the influences in their […]

Cours Hebdomadaires: QIGONG de L’ASTROLOGIE des 9 Etoiles Volantes de la Grande Ourse

QIGONG de L'ASTROLOGIE des 9 Etoiles Volantes de la Grande Ourse Cours Hebdomadaires: 25 Septembre; 2,9, 16, 23, 30 October; 6,13 Novembre 2024 Horaires: Mercredi de 19h30 à 21h00 (horaires de l’Europe) Cette année, comme c'est une année de transition pour les prochains 20 ans, beaucoup des gens sont perdu dans le noir et ne retrouvent […]

L’hexagramme de 2024 signifie Abondance

Date: 28 Septembre, 2024 via zoom Horaire: De 18h30 à 21h (horaires de la France) Yi Jing Hexagramme 55 : Signification : Abondance, le trigramme du Tonnerre est au-dessus du trigramme du Feu. L'hexagramme de 2024 signifie TONNERRE et FEU, indiquant que ces éléments caractérisent cette année. Mais que symbolisent le TONNERRE et le FEU ? […]