Xiu Zhen Tu Diagram of the Cultivation of Reality and Qigong with Master Liu He – Livestream

Diagram of the Cultivation of Reality (Xiu Zhen Tu) and Qigong Xiu Zhen means “to practice and learn the way of the truth.” It is a Daoist diagram of the human body illustrating the principles of Neidan "Internal alchemy", Chinese astrology, and cosmology. Many internal landscaping teachings including this map show: 24 Jie Qi, 28 Constellations, 30 […]

Spring/Summer Class Series: Second Spring Qigong with Master Liu He Livestream

Join us for our Spring/Summer Class Series (8 classes) featuring an opportune topic:  Second Spring “Building Your Qi Egg”! Within the moon calendar, there are two Springs in 2023! Learn how to maintain vitality by regulating hormones with Ancient Daoist Practices. When your ovarian system ages this leads to the body's aging and other symptoms. […]

Daoist Alchemy: Yellow Imperial Palace with Dr. Liu Dong – Livestream

Join Dr. Liu Dong for this internal journey! This 10-hour course will focus on Daoist Internal Alchemy and the material will be presented via lecture and Qigong practice. The material will cover: Theory: 1. Yellow Imperial Palace 2. Three Hun & Seven Po (physiological, pathological, and psychiatric aspects) Practice: 1. Igniting the Big Dipper Qigong […]

Quantum Channel Qigong & Talisman Drawing with Master Liu He Livestream

Join Master Liu He for this 15-hour online retreat! She will be featuring a new form: Quantum Channel Qigong. When awakening the three powerful Quantum channels (the Moon channel, the Sun channel, and the Earth pole channel), you are able to change the energy field from a low to high frequency. This allows you to eliminate […]

Talisman Qigong & Drawing with Master Liu He Livestream

In this class, you will learn a Qigong form and how to create/draw a talisman for your home. Drawing on Nine Flying Star Feng Shui and Yi Jing principles, Master Liu He will lecture on the use of talismans for harmonizing with the energies of the year! What you will learn:  FORM:  qigong form for […]

Concentrating the Hun & Training the Po with Master Liu He-Livestream

Concentrating the Hun: The spirit of the Liver (Ethereal Soul) is called the Hun. The Hun gives us sight in the day and dreams at night. It is responsible for our creative projects, plans, and dreams for the future. When practicing, this form decreases cloudy thinking and creates a sharp, clear mind to make unhesitating decisions […]

Infinite Life: Cycles of Birth and Death with Master Liu He-Livestream

      For most people death is considered the end of life. The teachings of Buddhism and Daoism view death as a  rebirth. When our physical body dies, our body's weight decreases by 21 grams. This is considered the weight of the soul and was part of a scientific experiment in 1907 by Duncan […]