About Ling Gui

About Ling Gui

Dedicated to the health, healing capabilities and spiritual development of all.

Ling Gui International Healing Qigong School

The Ling Gui International Healing Qigong School offers workshops to the public and training programs for Medical Qigong practitioners, focusing on methods from Master Liu He and Dr. Liu Dong and Qigong theory developed over many generations by the Liu family as well as offering classical Chinese Qigong forms. For the first time in history, members of the Liu family are presenting and preserving their Qigong in a way that speaks to both the philosophy and the science of this modern world. Ling Gui (Spiritual Turtle) International Healing Qigong School is committed to the health, healing capabilities, and spiritual development of all.

Founded in Paris by Dr. Liu Dong and Master Liu He shortly after their arrival from China in 1989, the School has brought Master Liu He’s and Dr. Liu Dong’s Methods to thousands of students across Europe, they teach in many countries around the world, and certified many dedicated students to teach these important Qigong forms. In 2002, Master Liu He opened the US branch. Having taught Qigong forms to more than 60000 people, more than 5000 students have completed the Self-Cultivation and Teacher Training Programs 1 & 2. She has certified more than 2500 students as Senior Healing Qigong Teachers and graduated 50 Master Teachers.

“It has been an honor to study with Master Liu He and her brother, Dr. Liu Dong for three years. People may travel afar in hopes of studying with such renowned teachers. They come to us with a rich, long and pure lineage. They come with noble happy hearts, quiet mastery, humility. and as two of China’s National Treasures.”

Ling Gui Student

Master Liu He

Master Liu He, world renowned Qigong Master & author, began her Daoist Medical training at the tender age of four under the loving guidance of her grandfather.

Dr. Liu Dong

Born in the Chinese province Ji Lin, he comes from a family in which Qigong has been practiced from generation to generation. Dr Liu Dong received his medical diploma in 1987 from the Chinese Faculty of Medicine in Beijing.

A Family Lineage of Qigong

Qigong is a Chinese treasure, a compendium of philosophy and practices for good health and longevity that dates back at least five thousand years. Many Chinese families have their own ancient Qigong traditions and healing practices that remain within the family lineage. The Liu family Qigong is a rare gift that has been handed down and sustained for generations. These practices have not only maintained our family’s well being, but they have also been used to help many others. Master Liu He discovered this precious family teaching through her grandfather, a Chinese medical doctor, Qigong master, and esteemed teacher – who lovingly shared his knowledge with her.

Spiritual Turtle

Turtles are revered for stillness and calm, for peaceful breathing and their longevity. To be a spiritual turtle is to be in harmony with the qi of the universe. Through practicing qigong we open to the universe. As we rediscover our own nature and our place in the patterns of the natural world we awaken our own innate healing capacity. The Ling Gui School name honors the turtle and our graduates, certified teachers and healers entering the world as spiritual turtles. (Chinese calligraphy by Wang Gong-Yi.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can children learn Qigong?

Yes. While Five Animals is a beloved form practiced in China for generations by children of all ages, other general methods of Qigong such as One Thousand Hands Buddha, Eight Treasures, and Six Sounds Therapy are appropriate for children as well. For children with specific health concerns, please consult a qualified and experienced Medical Qigong teacher.

How do I know which form is good for me?

While most Medical Qigong methods will provide benefit to a regular practitioner, certain methods have been developed to address specific imbalances in the body and mind. Depending on the reasons for your practicing Qigong, certain forms will address that reason more directly then others. To see a list and descriptions of the various forms taught at the Ling Gui International Healing Qigong School, click here.

Consulting with a qualified and experienced Medical Qigong teacher is always helpful. However, you are the best judge of how you are responding to a Qigong method, and whether that method is helpful to you. The best form for you is the form that you feel a deep connection with and you want to learn and practice. Often, students find that for some period of time they loved one form, only to find that at a later time they feel drawn to practice a different form. As we go through life changes, and as blockages in the body and mind are experienced and released at various times, our own deep wisdom will let us know which form is the best one to practice during that time.

What is Medical Qigong?

Medical Qigong is an ancient form of Chinese energetic medicine and is a branch of Chinese Medicine. The methods offer a way to harmonize qi to support the optimal function of the Zang-Fu organs and facilitate free-flowing Qi throughout the body by unwinding knots and removing blockages.