Program 3

Program 3

Healing Qigong: Senior Teacher Training

65 hour course

A 65 hour advanced program that focuses on Medical Qigong and advanced techniques for self-protection and recharging energy. Program 1 & 2 are prerequisites for this program. Students may seek teacher certification in additional medical qigong forms.

After completing the Self-Cultivation and Teacher Training (Program 1 & 2) students enter an intensive program to deepen their understanding of Medical Qigong Theory as it applies to healing and learn Medical Qigong theory for advanced self-protection and recharging energy. As you continue to deepen your practice and study, you begin to perceive multiple layers of the material and the relationship of the different branches of the teachings.

Program Details

Program 3 consists of 65 course hours. This is a flexible program allowing you to begin at any time and choose the courses you would like to attend. All of our offerings are listed on the Events page. Courses are offered online (livestream via Zoom), class recordings available to view for a limited time after the class, and/or in-person.

In each course, students will study the physical, energetic, and spiritual aspects of medical qigong. Depending on the course you attend, you will learn seasonal guidelines for Yang Sheng (Nourishing Life) via food and lifestyle. You may also learn Nine Flying Star Feng Shui theory and application, Chinese Astrology, and application of the Yi Jing from a philosophical perspective. Within the program, you will learn about Chinese/Daoist medical theory and the action of the movement. The medical qigong forms taught, support the optimal function of the Zang-Fu organs and facilitate free flowing Qi throughout the body by unwinding knots and removing blockages.


For those seeking certification, when completing Program 3 and meeting certification requirements, you may certify to teach three forms.


The cost for Program 3 is $2150, this price does not include lodging, transportation or meals for in-person classes. Online classes are held via Zoom.

“As a Chinese American woman, I have been searching for a female Chinese qigong master for decades. What great good fortune to have found Master Liu He and the Ling Gui School. She is truly a gifted master. Both her knowledge and mastery are at the highest level. She also has great integrity, generosity, wisdom, and compassion. Because of the combination of these characteristics, when she teaches a form, she approaches it from so many levels. She teaches us what to do with our bodies, what meridians the movements affect, and the Daoist and Chinese medicine philosophies behind the movements. Her transmissions are so powerful too. And…the classes are fun and joyful.
I am so grateful to Master Liu He and the Ling Gui School. My life and physical, mental, and spiritual well-being have been so much improved by taking her classes. I hope that when you take a class, you receive all that you need to.”

Denise L, California

“Most of us wish to understand others, yet we hardly know ourselves.”

– Master Liu He

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