Cancer Prevention and Support utilizing Qigong & Daoist Wisdom with Master Liu He -Livestream

Master Liu He was recently invited by the FFAEMC (Fédération Française des Arts Energétiques et Martiaux Chinois) to present during a Qigong & Daoist Wisdom conference on the topic of cancer. Certain hours and days of the year are important for boosting your "Qi Army" (defense) to control and eliminate negative Qi, emotions, and abnormal cells. She […]

FREE – Great Turn Winter Solstice Class with Master Liu He-Livestream

  During the past four years, our world has undergone significant changes and transformations. In order to actively engage in this period of immense transition, it is essential for us to tap into our inner lights. Master Liu He recognizes the importance of this and is offering a FREE 60-minute Winter Solstice class. This session […]

Feng Shui Forecasting 2024 with Master Liu He – Livestream

Year of 2024 ushers in a majestic representation of the Dragon, the EMERALD Dragon. This Dragon leads us into a new 20 year cycle (2024-2044) called period 9, beginning on Lichun, February 4, 2024. Each period is associated with a specific trigram and influenced by a particular Star. Master Liu He will provide students with […]

Cours Hebdomadaires 24 Janvier au 13 Mars 2024 via zoom

Cours Hebdomadaire: 24, 31, Janvier; 7, 14, 21,28 Février; 6,13 Mars 2024 Horaires: Mercredi de 19h30 à 21h00 (horaires de l’Europe) Qigong thérapeutique des huit trigrammes pour l’abdomen Rejoignez le Maître Liu pour apprendre comment entraîner votre deuxième cerveau en activant les huit trigrammes du Yi-Jing sur l’abdomen. Dans la médecine taoïste, toutes les maladies et […]

Jin Guang Da Dao (Golden Road) Qigong with Master Liu He-Livestream

*** Sixth Sense Bank ***  With the success of the past Sense Bank classes (Smell, Hearing, Sight, Touch, Taste), Master Liu He has developed a Sixth Sense Bank. Have you experienced a dream that has come true? Or do you happen to think or say something at the same time as someone else? Have you […]

Qigong and Daoist Nutrition for Winter/Spring with Master Liu He – Livestream

Kick off the new Year with these NEW ERA vision-changing Qigong classes! New Years bring new intentions and perspectives; we invite you back to yourself through this livestream course to reinforce your healthy life style choices and habits. Enroll and bring new vision to your life. Daoist Nutrition for the New Year! Sight Bank: Seeing 2000 […]

Great Dipper Nine Flying Star Astrology Qigong with Master Liu He-Livestream

Our Annual Online Spring Retreat! There are NINE (9) Stars within the Great Dipper constellation. Each of these STARS are associated with a specific Trigram and influenced by a particular STAR during a 20-year cycle. From 2024 to 2044, we are in the period of the 9th Star, known as the FIRE STAR. Each Star […]

Fengshui pour l’année du Dragon via zoom – 10 Février, 2024

Samedi 10 Février, 2024 De 17h30 à 21h (horaires de la France) L'année 2024 marque l'arrivée majestueuse du Dragon d'ÉMERAUDE. Ce Dragon nous guide vers un nouveau cycle de 20 ans (2024-2044) appelé période 9, commençant le jour de Lichun, le 4 février 2024. Chaque période est associée à un trigramme spécifique et influencée par une […]

In-Person Summer Retreat 2024 with Dr. Liu Dong & Master Liu He

Alton L. Collins Retreat Center 32867 SE Highway 211, Eagle Creek, OR, United States

SAVE THE DATES!  Topic and more details to come.   Dr. Liu Dong - July 19-21, 2024 (arrive July 18 if staying onsite) Master Liu He - July 21-23, 2024 We are planning to gather together in person this summer at the Alton L. Collins Retreat Center! We look forward to this new place to […]