Celestial Pillar Qigong DVD


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Celestial pillar Qigong is using an ancient wisdom for a modern need.

In this 21 century, our life is so impacted with excessive screen time. It is very obvious that people are consuming massive amounts of their Yang Qi. In Chinese medicine, Yang Qi is a vital component of the immune system. When our Yang Qi begins to diminish, we have the potential to become ill.

When all of our Yang Qi is depleted our life ends. The universal Yang Qi is delivered by the sun and illuminates the entire universe and generates energy for the earth. This warming of the earth controls and allows for 10,000 things to be born and become activated. The Sun controls the temperature for everything to survive.

This powerful form came to me 5 years ago. Before sharing it with my students, I practiced it myself for one year and experienced so many positive responses.

I lost 15 pounds without any dietary changes and felt an incredible amount of energy, I felt like a teenager again. I began running 1 hour per day, teaching classes, providing individual sessions, and caring for my children. I feel like I never run out of energy. I’m so please to see the powerful activation of the whole body with this form.

I started offering this workshop 4 years ago, and received an immediate response from students. This has become one of the most popular qigong forms that I teach. The more you practice it, the more you want to do it. You feel youthful inside and out. People continue to travel from all over the United States and the world to learn this form.

Celestial Pillar Qigong provides you the opportunity to strengthen and boost your 3 levels of Yang Qi.

Level 1. Zheng Qi (upright yang qi). Strong Yang Qi gives you the foundation for a strong and vibrant life. Your physical body is Yin Qi, we need Yang Qi to animate it and bring it to life.

Level 2. Shao Yang slows the aging process, lifts chronic fatigue, supports liver and gallbladder function, harmonizes gynecology functions, supports healthy erections, addresses Parkinson’s symptoms, and stabilizes emotions.

Level 3. Tai Yang strengthens bones, moves qi and blood, reduces edema, supports cancer prevention, clarifies the mind, and slows all brain related diseases.