Lunar New Year Suggestions from Master Liu He

With the beginning of the Chinese Lunar  New Year, we all give birth to Shao Yang Qi or “Young Yang Qi”.

Just as giving birth to a new baby, this “Young” Yang needs to be tended to and developed for the Yang to grow through the seasons.In order to protect your Qi baby or young yang energy, keep the following suggestions in mind as you tend to this new energy allowing growth:

  1. Stay warm. In some areas, the weather is beginning to warm however you want to keep your feet and legs warm. Not wearing sandals and shorts.
  2. Wear loose clothes and relax as much as possible. Do not overexert yourself.
  3. Walk gently for 30-45 minutes outside. No excessive sports or sweating.
  4. Drink mung bean tea after breakfast.
  5. Eat a small amount of sweet-flavored foods to facilitate the gentle rising of the Liver Qi. Do not eat a  lot of sour flavored foods as this draws the Liver Qi in and down.
  6. Do not eat spicy foods. Spicy foods contain a lot of heat and have the potential to harm the Liver Qi.
  7. Go to bed a little later than in winter however not later than 10:30 pm.
  8. Continue to soak your feet in warm water before bed.

These are not meant for diagnosis. Please check with your healthcare practitioner if you have specific health concerns.