Winter Suggestions from Master Liu He

Master Liu He suggests that in winter do not waste or bother your Yang Qi. Winter is considered a time for storage, just as nature and animals take this time to hibernate. She stated, if you do not preserve your Yang Qi,  all the Spring diseases will occur such as: cold hands & feet, Yang Qi will not be able to rise the entire year, difficult digestion, allergies, etc.

So how do you not waste or bother your Yang Qi? Here are some suggestions:

  1. Shower/bathe less – no more than 3 times per week (especially not a sauna – excess sweat)
  2. No excessive sweating during exercise
  3. Go to bed earlier and get up later (with the sunrise)
  4. Do not restrict eating to lose weight – store a little fat (with healthy food, not extra sweets)
  5. Avoid surgery if possible
  6. Avoid getting too excited
  7. Practice some Qigong for the Kidneys (If you are not sure what to practice you could tap your teeth together while you urinate-this supports the Kidneys).

These are not meant for diagnosis. Please check with your healthcare practitioner if you have specific health concerns.