2022 Chinese Astrological Signs for Health, Luck, and Prosperity Forecast with Master Liu He

RECORDING AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE AND VIEW FOR 4 WEEKS!   The Lunar New Year 2022 begins  February 1, 2022 and ends on January 21, 2023. The Water Tiger will wake up at this time! The 12 astrological animal signs are:  Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. Join Master Liu He's for […]

Zhu You Shu 3-day Medical Qigong Course with Master Liu He Livestream

Registration Full!  3-Day Medical Qigong Course : Zhu You Shu Embrace over 5000 years of powerful healing modalities! (This course covers techniques different from the February retreat) 13 hour course + 4 hour bonus class Comments from students on the Zhu You course in February 2022! I just want to say WOW. The Zhu You form […]

Bagua Xiangshu Therapy for Immunity with Master Liu He-Livestream

Registration Full! Contact us to be placed on a wait list.  Bagua Xiangshu therapy is a type of therapy that involves reciting a number mantra (set of numbers) silently. These number mantras are derived from ancient theory and calculated for different symptoms. A simple and profound practice for resetting our vibrational bodies.  The therapy is derived […]

Zi Wu Qigong with Master Liu He – Livestream

Reset your Yin and Yang clock! Master Liu He states that all of our Yin and Yang Qi is misplaced due to our crazy modern life. This workshop will focus on Zi Wu Qigong in order to align with the Winter Solstice and begin the new year with in a state of harmony. Zi Wu […]