Zhu You Shu 3-day Medical Qigong Course with Master Liu He Livestream

Registration Full!  3-Day Medical Qigong Course : Zhu You Shu Embrace over 5000 years of powerful healing modalities! (This course covers techniques different from the February retreat) 13 hour course + 4 hour bonus class Comments from students on the Zhu You course in February 2022! I just want to say WOW. The Zhu You form […]

Bagua Xiangshu Therapy for Immunity with Master Liu He-Livestream

Registration Full! Contact us to be placed on a wait list.  Bagua Xiangshu therapy is a type of therapy that involves reciting a number mantra (set of numbers) silently. These number mantras are derived from ancient theory and calculated for different symptoms. A simple and profound practice for resetting our vibrational bodies.  The therapy is derived […]