Jade Woman Qigong: The Healing Power of Taoist Medicine for Every Woman Book


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This signature form of Qigong Master Liu He is designed to help all women achieve wholeness by activating the innate healing power within their own minds and bodies. Jade Woman is rich in Taoist philosophy and Taoist practice of Three Secrets – Body Secrets, Language Secrets, and Mind Secrets. Working with the Three Secrets allows you to open 84,000 pores. The result is a greater awareness of all aspects of a woman’s life–spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. Experience and discover your own Qi Awareness Each chapter reveals the Taoist wisdom teachings that have been the foundation of Qigong practice and Chinese medicine for thousands of years. There is a Qigong lesson at the end of each section that allows readers to assess their understanding of Qigong philosophy and how to apply these principles for a healthy and fulfilling life. The lessons are easy to perform and can be used throughout your life for self-healing.