Coming Into Harmony CD



This audio CD provides four (4) guided meditations with Master Liu He:

1. Deep Breathing with Finger Massage. Settle into a calm, meditative state as you follow Master Liu’s instructions for deep breathing and simple finger massage to clear and relax the mind.

2. Guided Rainbow Meditation. Completely cleanse our body and spirit of excessive emotions that disrupt your life. In Qigong theory, each color of the rainbow connects to a specific emotion. Under Master Liu’s gentle guidance, fill yourself with each gift of color and release all negative emotions. Experience the beauty of the rainbow after a storm and the deep purification of the body and spirit.

3. Six Sounds Chanting Therapy. Purify and invigorate the major organ systems of your body through the healing vibrations of ancient chants. Join Master Liu as she connects each organ system to one of the Five Elements – Wood, Fire, Metal, Earth, Water – and immerses you in powerful vibrations that awaken your body. The sixth chant harmonizes the whole body and mind with the energy of the universe.

4. Guided Relaxation Meditation. Gently guide down Qi from the universe through your body, as you relax and open to the energy of the universe.