Liu Dong’s Method

Dr. Liu DongThe Qigong treasure that has been handed down verbally in the Liu family for many generations — and now called Liu Dong's Qigong Method — is healing qigong, with forms designed to address specific problems and areas of the body. The forms have recognized curative virtue. Dr. Liu Dong carried out intense studies of both Chinese and Occidental medicine using Chinese Qigong tradition as a source of inspiration and practical experiments in clinical research as a guide. His work, highly esteemed by the two Health Secretaries, Chui Yue Li and Chen Min Zhang, has received special attention from the Chinese Ministry of Health. His method is registered in the Official Repertory of Chinese Medicine, a large text reserved for the most respected family systems of Qigong dating back 5000 years.

Highlights of Liu Dong's Method

  • Cultivate the Yi the Power of Intention (Nian Li).
  • Remove the other thousands thoughts by the only one concentration.
  • Let Qi guided by Yi touch your deepest inner body – DanTian, to feel your Yuan Jing, to awake your Yuan Shen. As a result, your whole body vibrates and your heart is full of joy. You are becoming an Awaken-Minded person, you will discover your power of self-healing.
  • Offer your heart to feel the positive energy and to pass on the message of life, to discover the real rhythm (voice) of your life.

Qigong Forms Include

Jade Body Qigong

According to Chinese Medicine hundreds of illnesses come from damage to the spine. Jade Body Qigong is a simple yet powerful method of healing many spinal problems through imitating the movements and breathing patterns of the turtle, (undulation of the cervical vertebrae), the crane (undulation of the dorsal vertebrae) and the dragon, (rotation of the lumbar vertebrae). While primarily aimed at suffering related to the spinal column, these exercises also have beneficial effects on the regulation of problems with the endocrine system.

Jade Woman Qigong

A woman's physiology and emotions differ in many ways from a man's. Women have more blood and, as the stewards of deep yin creative energy, are profoundly affected by the cycles of the moon. A woman's health and vitality are sensitive and can be compromised by any number of stresses. Jade Woman Qigong is a type of qigong that helps to increase the blood, nourish the liver, and heal both physical diseases and emotional imbalances. It is a beautiful, feminine form that is very effective in reducing weight, reducing bruises and treating problems related to gynecology and menopause.

Hui Gong (Exploring Wisdom Qigong)

Exploring Wisdom Qigong is a Taoist style practice that has been handed down for over 2,000 years and has recently been used by the Traditional Chinese Medicine physicians. Its function is to develop wisdom and bring out human potentialities. The form focuses on bringing the mind-heart to tranquility by cleansing – replacing the train of many thoughts with one thought by using the mind to guide the qi through the five solid organs. The goal is to wake up the spirits within the five organs shen in the xin (heart-mind); hun in the liver; po in the lungs; mind in the spleen; and will in the kidneys to make these spirits recover their full functions and gain back their natural rhythms. This is the self-healing power! Dr. Liu Dong says, "From my many years of clinic practice and teaching my patients this form, I have found that this practice is very effective in healing mental nervousness, forgetfulness/amnesia, difficulty in focusing, etc. Practicing this form can readjust and promote the primary essence that is the pre-immunity. In this way it benefits in healing all types of allergies."

Jade Leaves Qigong

Many cultures recognize the eyes as the window to the soul. In Qigong practice, the eyes represent the "shen" or the spirit of the practitioner and are associated with the liver. Therefore, the eyes are an indication of many levels of physical, emotional and spiritual health. Through a series of vibrations, pivoting and blinking, Jade Leaves Qigong makes it possible to open the five "shu" points and is a supreme method of healing eye disease and benefiting the related systems.

One Thousand Hands Buddha

This is a superior, spiritual healing Qigong method, inspired by the symbolical positioning of Buddha's fingers, referred to as "mudras" by Buddhists. It is an approach producing calmness and which inhibits the heart from "galloping away," thus leading the practitioner into a state of silence and peace a little at a time. The interest of this Qigong method is fourfold: it removes suffering, fortifies energy, calms the heart and helps the spirit attain wisdom. The method also helps fight stress and maintain the memory.

Sleeping Buddha Qigong

According to Taoist philosophy, a restless heart can disrupt the "shen" or spirit, causing an imbalance of the nervous system, causing loss of sleep. With Sleeping Buddha Qigong the main goal is to counteract insomnia by imitating the gesticulations of Maitreya Buddha. "His big belly can house the affairs of the world. When he opens his mouth it is to laugh and his laugh spreads to all the people of the earth." Dr. Liu Dong was inspired by this philosophy in designing this series of exercises. By stretching the four members and massaging some specific points the practitioner provokes a deep yawn, thus nourishing the heart, calming the spirit and allowing for a nourishing and restful sleep.

Spiritual Turtle Qigong (Ling Gui Qigong)

The turtle is symbol of longevity. It is said that a turtle inhales in the fall and exhales in the spring, communicating the idea that the turtle's slow and mindful approach to living gives him health and longevity. According the Chinese medicine, human beings' longevity depends on the energy of the kidneys. Spiritual Turtle is a Qigong that tonifies the kidney energy and heals kidney disease. This method is also good for healing arthritis.

Qigong of the Great White Crane

Qigong of the Great White Crane is a graceful walking form that works primarily on the lungs and the eight extraordinary vessels. The lungs, through breathing, are the first of the body's organs to have contact with the universe. The lungs not only take in and distribute the breath to the whole body, they also lie above the other organs and act as their protection. By strengthening the lung energy, this form greatly benefits the immune system. Practicing this form regularly also helps regulate breathing to reduce stress and bring calm.

Six Sounds Therapy

This beloved Qigong form is one of the most powerful healing techniques from ancient China. The six sounds vibrate and invigorate the five internal organs and balance the emotions. This method benefits patients who have different diseases and is also a beneficial healing technique for healers.

Eight Treasures (Ba Duan Jin)

Ba Duan Jin is one the four oldest and most famous Qigong methods in China. This form dates back to the early 12th century where it evolved as a popular folk healing practice. It was originally developed for monks practicing meditation to address the joint problems they developed after long years of sitting meditation practice. Eight routines of this form are designed to build strong bones, increase tendon flexibility, strengthen particular organ-energy systems and heal the seven emotions.

Yi Jin Xi Sui Jing

This form is a classical Qigong method practiced for many generations. According to legend, when Bodhidarma came from India to China to teach Buddhism, he discovered that monks and nuns were suffering from physical difficulties brought on by long years of sitting meditation practice. It is said that Bodhidarma, with the monks of the Temple of Shaolin created exercises for maintaining physical health, called Yi Jin Jing. This form was passed down from master to student for more than a thousand years. Later, a Daoist priest added movements to cleanse and nourish the marrow. The combination of these two qigong forms became the Yi Jin Xi Sui Jing, a complete method of Qigong that cleanse, tonify and purify the body and spirit.

Hu Lu Gong

Hu Lu Gong, translated as Squash Qigong, is a method designed to boost and maintain defensive energy (the immune system) in the body. In ancient China, the squash was often used as a container for hot water, tea or hot wine during winter. Because it retained the taste and temperature of what it held, Chinese medicine used the shell of the squash to hold herbs. In this Qigong form, students also learn to walk on the Ba Gua (eight trigrams), which symbolizes different kinds of spirit energy. The regular practice of this form is beneficial especially during the cold and damp winter months.

Bodhisattva Qigong

The goal of this Qigong is to aid in the healing of breast cancer by imitating the gesticulations of a Bodhisattva. Through stretching movements this Qigong acts upon the Chong Mai (central channel) and the Ren Mai (conception vessel), using vibration and oscillation of the breasts, removes blockage while reinforcing the body's immunities.

Self Massage

It is said that with Qigong, we may "become our own doctors." Qigong forms or routines are superior methods to reconnect with our true nature and the health that is our birthright. Qigong self massage has the important function of bringing our own healing energy intentionally into our bodies. It can be performed on its own or in conjunction with any of the routines. The special Liu Dong Method of Qigong Self Massage is a simple yet precise method to release blockages and strengthen energy.

Other Methods

Ling Gui International Healing Qigong School teaches many other ancient methods of self-healing, many of which have been researched and adapted by the Liu Family to promote even greater benefits for the practitioner. These methods include:

  • Qigong of the Sun
  • Qigong of the Moon
  • Mei Hua Zhuang (a 14th century method)
  • Blue Meditation Qigong (Tibetan Lhama Qigong)
  • Six Steps for Projecting Qi
  • The Five Animals
  • Feng Shui Methods