US Summer Retreats

Two Summer Intensives in 2020!

Join us for the Ling Gui Qigong School’s Annual Summer Intensives and immerse yourself in powerful Qigong guided by world renowned Qigong Masters!

We have received news that Still Meadow Retreat Center, where we have held our retreats for the past 15 years, will be closing permanently at the end of this month. We are sad to hear this news of our summer home.

In addition, a number of students enrolled would require national or international flights to Portland and travel will probably be challenging at this time.With this in mind, we have decided, in the best interest of everyone, to switch these intensives to a Livestream Qi Zoom class.

Dr. Liu Dong and Master Liu He have both been offering in this format for some time and the virtual classroom is becoming infused with Qi!

July 22-26, 2020  our annual 5 day summer intensive featuring:

Acupuncturists – Now Approved for 25 PDA’s through NCCAOM!

Below are the new schedules for the intensives and Special Bonus offerings:

5-day Intensive July 22-26, 2020
Schedule (25 Hours plus 3 Hour Class Bonus):

Dr. Liu Dong will be teaching Wednesday-Saturday (20 hours)

Ma Wang Dui Birds (different from 2019 form) Qigong
& Golden Goddess Meditation

These two forms focus on transformation of blood stasis by facilitating blood circulation, smoothing Liver Qi, and transforming emotions. 

Wednesday:  9:30am-1pm PST & 3pm -5pm PST
Thursday:  9:30am-1pm PST & 3pm -5pm PST
Friday:  9:30am-1pm PST & 3pm -5pm PST
Saturday:  9:30am-1pm PST

Master Liu He will be teaching Saturday-Sunday (8 hours)
Yin-Yang Harvest
Saturday:  5pm-8pm PST
Sunday:  9:30am-12:30pm PST & 3pm-5pm PST

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July 27-29, 2020 our 3 day Summer Intensive – Live Qi Zoom Class

Acupuncturists – Now Approved for 12 PDA’s through NCCAOM!

One Thousand Eyes Buddha &
Healing From Head to Toe with Taoist Wisdom

One Thousand Eyes Buddha is a very old form that was originally part of a secret Buddhist practice, used only by monks. The form is based on Three Secrets – Body Secrets, Language Secrets, and Mind/Concentration Secrets – secrets because you can only discover the meaning through practice. Working with the Three Secrets allows you to open your 84,000 pores – your Buddha eyes – to awareness of the universe, just as you would open your eyes to see the world around you.

Healing From Head To Toe with Taoist Wisdom
Master Liu He will take us on a journey with lecture and movement utilizing the theory of the Huang Di Nei Jing in daily life.

3-day Intensive July 27-29, 2020 Schedule (with 2-Special Class Bonus)

Master Liu He will be teaching Monday-Wednesday (12 hours +6.5 hours bonus)

One Thousand Eyes Buddha & Healing From Head to Toe with Taoist Wisdom
Monday:  3:30pm-6pm PST
Tuesday: 9:00am-12:30pm PST & 3pm -4:30pm PST
Wednesday: 9:30am-12:30pm PST & 3pm-4:30pm PST

Special Bonus!

 Master Liu He’s upcoming LIvestream events:

Bonus 1:  August 9: 12-Chinese Astrological Signs for Health, Luck, and Prosperity  Read more here..
Bonus 2:  September 6:  Protecting Your Lungs with Taoist Wisdom Read more here..

Master Liu He’s Qi Zoom classes are going so well! You not only learn a form, theory, and philosophy, she also transmits her healing Qi to you. She has been working with clients worldwide for many years via live stream.



Here are some recent comments from students about 3 days workshop (May 23-25,2020) on Zoom: 

🙂 My warmest thanks to Master Liu He. This was my first Qi Gong course and I feel very fortunate to have it taught by such an amazing Master! She has such wonderful energy (of course!) and it was such a delight to spend 3 days in her energy field! Two thumbs up and five star all the way! Jill , BC, Canada
 🙂 The class was fantastic, Master Liu He’s wisdom and mastery of qigong is palpable, even in a remote setting, as is her joy in the practice. I look forward to many more classes working with her! Danielle ., Oregon

 🙂 The Zoom for Qi Gong, was surprisingly powerful and successful. Cal M, Idaho

 🙂 Thank you for all you do, the workshop and Master Liu He were phenomenal!!! Marisol M. Master Teacher, Virginia

 🙂 The Zoom for Qi Gong, was surprisingly powerful and successful. Cal M, Idaho

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Enroll in both intensives (5 day & 3 day) to receive 15% off our 3 day intensive – Contact us for more information on how to register.

Whereas when Qigong is properly practiced, it is extremely beneficial and presents minimal risk to one’s health, please consult your physician if you are in doubt of your capabilities or have special health concerns.

Terms & Conditions: All fees (tuition), once paid are non-refundable. If you are unable to attend the workshop, it is possible to transfer your tuition to another with a fee of $80.