United States Retreats

United States Retreats

The Ling Gui school offers summer retreats either in-person or online. These retreats are longer in nature and provide you the opportunity to immerse yourself in Medical Qigong and Daoist philosophy. In-person retreats are a great way to gather together in community and meet your peers!

Medical Qigong & Meditation for Nourishing the Body & Soul

with Dr. Liu Dong

July 20-22, 2022, 15 hour IN-PERSON Retreat 

The Ma Wang Dui Animals form focuses on transformation of blood stasis by facilitating blood circulation, smoothing Liver Qi, and transforming emotions. Lectures will focus on the teaching of the pictures sewn onto the robe and Chinese/Daoist medical theory of blood stasis, diagnostic patterns, and how these forms can influence the blood.

Chan Meditation will also be presented. Chan Meditation is a personal internal journey, utilizing breath and visualization to renew your perspective.

“I had an absolutely amazing time at the retreat. Not only did I meet so many wonderful people, and learn the beautiful forms that were taught, but I was quite taken by the presence of a nonjudgmental, supportive essence that felt like it was a coming home to my true self. Since the retreat, I feel as if I have been processing things more on a personal/spiritual level. It’s been a time of realizations and releases from past thoughts and beliefs.”


Magic Square Taiji Fan & Nourishing Yin Meditation

with Master Liu He

July 22-24, 2022, 15 hour IN-PERSON Retreat 

Magic Square Taiji Fan is a practice for working with wind. People tend to experience too much anger creating internal wind, some express while others hold inside. If you express your anger to much, this wind will chase your Qi out resulting in exhaustion. If you keep the anger inside, the internal wind can disturb your mental and physical health. With this practice you will learn how to use the fan as a weapon to lead the wind into a positive direction to enhance your health.

You will also learn Nourishing Yin Meditation to supplement the yin energies!

“Wow. The retreat this past weekend was amazing!

I really enjoyed the form that we learned this weekend, but especially feel fortunate to have been in Master Liu He’s presence, to hear her wisdom and feel her care for us. I love to be reminded that I am my best healer, and return to that knowing through an embodied practice, with a community of practitioners. THANK YOU!”

GL, Portland

3-Day Medical Qigong Course : Zhu You Shu

with Master Liu He

August 6-8, 2022, 13 hour online course + 4 hour online bonus class

Zhu You Shu is often forgotten in Chinese medicine that was born in ancient times and is a mysterious method founded in the traditional medicine of the homeland.

Zhu You’s treatment is an important part of Chinese medicine. You will find reference to Zhu You’s 13 subjects/methods of treatment in the ancient text, “Huang Di Nei Jing”.

“I just want to say WOW. The Zhu You form is incredible, I mean I love all of Master Liu’s classes but this is a different level. It feels very powerful. I love it. And I always feel so uplifted after a retreat. And this one in particular, I was under a lot of stress and pressure from my company and I could feel this in my body and weighing heavy on me. During the retreat after listening to Master Liu talk about the water, adaptation, flexibility, it suddenly disappeared.”

Sandrine E., France

Enroll In Both In-Person Retreats

Want to deepen your Qigong experience? Immerse yourself in 5-days (30 Hours) of Medical Qigong, Daoist Medical Theory, and Qigong philosophy. Enroll in both in-person retreats and receive a reduced tuition rate.