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Master Liu He’s popular Jade Woman Qigong Book is now available in FRENCH!

Qigong de La Fille de JadeCette forme de Qigong authentifiée par Maître Liu He est conçue pour aider toutes lesfemmes à atteindre la plénitude en activant l’énergie se trouvant à l’intérieur de leur corpset de leur Esprit: l’énergie innée d’auto-guérison. Le Qigong de la Fille de Jade est uneriche philosophie Taoïste et une pratique Taoïste comportant trois secrets : les secrets ducorps, les secrets du langage, les secrets de l’Esprit. Travailler avec ces trois secrets vouspermet d’ouvrir 84 000 pores. Le résultat est une plus grande prise de conscience de tousles aspects de la vie d’une femme : spirituel, mental, émotionnel et physique.Cette puissante forme de Qigong procure de grands bénéfices à toutes les femmes quelque soit leur âge ou leur histoire gynécologique. Elle est particulièrement efficace pour lesmaladies et les dysfonctionnements liés aux organes et aux systèmes reproducteurs ycompris l’infertilité. Elle permet des transitions douces pendant la puberté et laménopause, et conduit à la régénération des cellules.Expérience et découverte de sa propre sensibilisation au QiChaque chapitre révèle des enseignements de sagesse Taoïste qui ont été à la fondationde la pratique du Qigong et de la Médecine Chinoise pendant des milliers d’années. Il y aune leçon de Qigong à la fin de chaque section qui permet au lecteur d’évaluer sacompréhension de la philosophie du Qigong et comment appliquer ces principes pour unevie en bonne santé et accomplie. Ces leçons sont faciles à effectuer et peuvent servir toutau long de votre vie pour vous auto-soigner.Maitre Liu HeMaitre Liu He est un maître de Qigong éclairé.

You may order directly from us below via PayPal (mailing from the US) or from Chin-Mudra, mailing from France.

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We are thrilled to announce a new book co-authored by Master Liu He and Ling Gui Master Teacher Joachim Stuhlmacher!

“You will find the best medicines in your kitchen (nutrition), the best hospital in your bedroom (sleep) and the most effective healing methods are found within yourself (qigong, meditation, massage)!”This is how Master Liu He likes to describe ancient Chinese medicine. This book is saturated with precisely this ancient knowledge of the Chinese sages. It offers you a traditional, yet newly discovered perspective on life and plenty of advice on how to take care of yourself and your health. With simple yet highly effective exercises and tips. Give it a try, your body and soul will be grateful.

This book is currently available in English at many bookstores.

Amazon E-book Kindle $9.99
Amazon Paperback B&W $24
Amazon Paperback – Color $38

In German!

„Die besten Medikamente findest du in deiner Küche (Ernährung), das beste Krankenhaus ist dein Schlafzimmer (Schlaf) und die effektivsten Heilmethoden findest du in dir selbst (Qigong, Meditation, Massage)!“

So beschreibt Dao-Meisterin Liu He gerne die alte Chinesische Medizin. Dieses Buch ist durchtränkt von diesem alten Wissen der chinesischen Weisen. Hier finden Sie eine ganz alte, aber neu entdeckte Sicht auf das Leben und jede Menge Anregungen, wie Sie selbst etwas für sich und Ihre Gesundheit tun können. Mit einfachen, aber äußerst wirksamen Übungen und Tipps. Probieren Sie es aus, Ihr Körper und Ihre Seele werden es Ihnen danken.

Amazon E-book Kindle
Amazon Paperback


Tian Zhu “Celestial Pillar” Qigong-DVD

Celestial pillar Qigong is using an ancient wisdom for a modern need.

In this 21 century, our life is so impacted with excessive screen time. It is very obvious that people are consuming massive amounts of their Yang Qi. In Chinese medicine, Yang Qi is a vital component of the immune system.

When our Yang Qi begins to diminish, we have the potential to become ill. When all of our Yang Qi is depleted our life ends. The universal Yang Qi is delivered by the sun and illuminates the entire universe and generates energy for the earth. This warming of the earth controls and allows for 10,000 things to be born and become activated. The Sun controls the temperature for everything to survive.

This powerful form came to me 5 years ago. Before sharing it with my students, I practiced it myself for one year and experienced so many positive responses.

I lost 15 pounds without any dietary changes and felt an incredible amount of energy, I felt like a teenager again. I began running 1 hour per day, teaching classes, providing individual sessions, and caring for my children. I feel like I never run out of energy. I’m so please to see the powerful activation of the whole body with this form.

I started offering this workshop 4 years ago, and received an immediate response from students. This has become one of the most popular qigong forms that I teach. The more you practice it, the more you want to do it. You feel youthful inside and out. People continue to travel from all over the United States and the world to learn this form.

Celestial Pillar Qigong provides you the opportunity to strengthen and boost your 3 levels of Yang Qi.

Level 1. Zheng Qi (upright yang qi). Strong Yang Qi gives you the foundation for a strong and vibrant life. Your physical body is Yin Qi, we need Yang Qi to animate it and bring it to life.

Level 2. Shao Yang slows the aging process, lifts chronic fatigue, supports liver and gallbladder function, harmonizes gynecology functions, supports healthy erections, addresses Parkinson’s symptoms, and stabilizes emotions.

Level 3. Tai Yang strengthens bones, moves qi and blood, reduces edema, supports cancer prevention, clarifies the mind, and slows all brain related diseases.

Preview the form here!

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Hun Concentration and Limit & Train the Po-DVD

The form Concentrating the Hun, supports the health and function of the Liver and the Hun (our liver spirit).  The spirit sent to the liver is called Hun. – ethereal soul, yang energy. It is responsible for all formless consciousness, as well as the three treasures, jing, qi, shen.

The Chinese ideogram for the Hun, or soul, is made up of two characters: On the left is “cloud” and on the right is “ghost”. These characters tell us that the spirit in the liver is immortal like a ghost, but is also free like a cloud that can float in and out.

The Hun gives us sight in the day and dreams at night. It is responsible for our creative projects, plans, and dreams for the future. To have dreams, goals, and plans is positive, but preoccupation with any of these can cause problems. Because Hun lives in the liver, anything that causes a loss of blood — an operation, childbirth, excessive menstrual flow, etc. — can create a liver blood deficiency that allows the dreamer within us to get out of control, leading to insomnia. The activities of the Hun must be controlled to be healthy.

The form limit and train the Po – supports the health and function of the Lungs and the Po or Lung Spirits. The Po is responsible for our Sensitivity, Animal Nature, instinct, and corporeal soul. It is yin energy and also responsible for our seven emotions.

The Po of the lungs is similar to an animal spirit, controlling bodily rhythms and basic physical instincts. The Po’s primal impulses are behind the behavior patterns of infants. Sexual instincts are also controlled by the Po. The character for Po is written with two characters in Chinese, one meaning “ghost – ?” and one meaning “white – ?.” In this case, “ghost” is an Earth ghost. The Po is considered an inferior spirit, because it is always attached to the body and dies with the body. While the Yuan Shen and Hun ascend at death, Po returns to the Earth element.

The Po includes seven spirits that connect with the seven emotions: anger, worry, fear, excitement/joy, fright, sadness/grief, and anxiety. All emotions ultimately return to sadness/grief, the emotion connected with the lungs, as part of letting go. The Po and the development of the lungs are important when you are practicing Qigong, especially for current physical health. Practicing Qigong also takes us further, by working on reestablishing our connection to all the body’s spirits. This work prepares us to continue life in the spiritual world after death.

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Diamond Qigong and Great Compassion Mediation-DVD

Diamond Qigong is a powerful Taoist healing method to maintain breast health as well as helping to heal breast issues. In America, at least 1 in 8 women receives a diagnosis of breast cancer and breast cysts are a very common problem in women. A woman’s overall well-being is intimately connected to the breasts. In Chinese medicine, seven important meridians travel through the breasts. When these meridians become blocked, due to seven negative emotions, a qi knot forms inside of the breasts, as well as in the heart. This qi knot gradually leads to cysts and these may develop into tumors.

The specific intention of this Qigong is to untie all of the knots in order to support and heal the breasts and the surrounding tissue, and to activate the lymphatic system. The effect of releasing this Qi knot can be immediate after practicing this form as witnessed by myself as well as many students. Through the stretching movements of these routines, the Chong Mai (also known as the penetrating vessel, Ren Mai or conception vessel) the Du Mai, or governing vessel, are activated. Many other important channels and acupoints are awakened in this form using vibration, massage, and sound. When this occurs, the blockages are removed while reinforcing the body’s immunities.

I named this form Diamond Qigong because the movements allow you to rebuild your connection to your internal diamond and increase your value or self-worth. Each time you practice the form you upgrade the quality of your diamond to support your vitality and clarify your mind and the body’s Qi. Since the Diamond is the strongest stone, you create an image of strength and transfer that image to your unbreakable connection to your internal self.

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Qi Journey CD Cover

A Qi Journey with Master Liu He (CD)

Audio CD – Guided Healing Qigong Meditations With Master Liu He

 $21 USA Shipping/ $31 International Shipping

During this guided healing meditation, you will awaken a sense of calmness and self-awareness as you open and purify your heart.With the heart taking the role of emperor in your body, as the heart opens and purifies your entire body begins to heal. Listening to this inner journey and Master Liu He’s Qi voice , you will be able to release your negative thoughts, Qi blockages, and daily stress that all contribute to your feeling of well-being. Repeated listening to these qigong meditations, will replace outdated thought patterns and unhealthy lifestyle choices that lead to a stressful life, anxiousness, and poor sleep. You find yourself shifting into a state of deep relaxation.



jade body websiteJade Body Qigong & Activating Your Three Dan Tians and Spinal Meditation-DVD

Jade Body Qigong According to the Nei Jing (The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine), “hundreds of illnesses come from damage to the spine.” Exercising the spine promotes good health and the recovery of health when diseases are present. Modern science has also proven that to exercise the spine can improve metabolism and improve the immune system.

Spinal Meditation: This powerful meditation utilizes visualization of color and mantra’s to activate the three dan tian’s in order to heal the spine. Recommended for all however especially for those with spinal injures and experience difficulty standing.

Preview DVD Here!

$37 USA Shipping/$47 International Shipping

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Eight Treasures Qigong (Ba Duan Jin) & Six Steps for Projecting Qi – DVD

 $37 USA Shipping/$47 International

Ba Duan Jin, or Eight Treasures, is one of the four oldest and most famous Qigong Methods in China, dating back to the early 12th century where it evolved as a popular folk healing practice. Eight Treasures has eight routines.  Each routine is a treasure in itself, designed to build strong bones, increase tendon flexibility, strengthen particular organ-energy systems, and heal the seven emotions – anger, over-excitement, worry, sadness, fear, anxiety, and depression.  This method is very simple but powerful. It is an excellent method for starting or continuing your Qigong journey.

Six Steps for Projecting Qi can help you quickly release your negative energy, recharge your positive energy and develop qi to help others. Many of Master Liu He’s students who are therapists use Six Steps for Projecting Qi (the invisible needle method) when working with clients.

Projecting Qi is one of the most profound aspects of classical Chinese medicine. With projecting Qi therapy the practitioner manipulates the patient’s qi in order to bring about renewed health and wellbeing. Areas of the body that have insufficient Qi can be boosted allowing the body’s natural healing processes to be promoted. Qi emission therapy has been used for millennia in Asia to treat a wide variety of diseases and conditions.



Zi Wu Qigong & Great Compassion Meditation-DVD
$37 USA Shipping/$47 International

Zi Wu Qigong is a powerful Buddhist Qigong method that embodies the profound wisdom of the universe and has been traced back to the Tang Dynasty (618 – 907 AD).  By practicing this Qigong, your Yin and Yang Qi becomes sturdier as well as restoring your lymphatic system’s power to defend your body against internal or external diseases. From this perspective Zi Wu Qigong is very effective for healing difficult health cases and chronic illness.  Another highlight of this Qigong is that it creates an opening of your heart through chanting “The Great Compassion” mantra. The heart is known as “the emperor” who rules your entire body and guides everything you do.  When the emperor is happy, you are happy and you will feel good.

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Nourishing Woman & Dai Mai Qigong DVD

 $37 USA Shipping /$47International

Nourishing Woman Qigong (Yang Tai Gong) is a powerful form of sitting meditation, offered exclusively for women, that uses visualization to nourish the female body and procreative organs.  It is complementary to the cleansing form Jade Woman, and provides great benefit to all women regardless of age or reproductive history while restoring and rejuvenating your energy from the damages received in daily life.  More than 50,000 women have been practicing this method worldwide and discovered healing benefits. Dai Mai Qigong activates the Belt Channel located around the waist.  Once the Belt Channel is activated, Qi starts to flow freely and expands. This Qigong is effective for conditions such as: constipation, weight control, fibrocystic breasts, and all gynecological and digestive issues.  The highlight of this form occurs as the Dai Mai’s energy builds and spirals out, forming an energetic cocoon that provides protection from diseases and radiation that constantly bombard us in our world.

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Six Sounds Therapy Qigong – DVD

 $37 USA Shipping/$47 International

Six Sounds Therapy is one of the most powerful healing techniques from ancient China and has been further developed by Dr. Liu Dong (World – renowned Qigong Master and Doctor of Oriental Medicine). While bringing the mind into harmony with the Qi, Students will learn how to stabilize the five emotions through the sounds and movements of each organ system. It is a good Qigong method for promoting personal health and well-being. Purify and invigorate the major organ systems of your body through the healing vibration of ancients chants. Join Master Liu He as she connects each organ system to one of the Five Elements – Wood, Fire, Metal, Earth, Water – and immerses you in powerful vibrations that awaken your body.Preview this DVD!



Jade Woman Qigong – The Healing Power of Taoist Medicine for Every Woman – Book

 $29.95 US Shipping – $49.95 International Shipping (Due to the increasing costs of shipping Internationally, prices have increased.)

book-cover.jpgThis signature form of Qigong Master Liu He is designed to help all women achieve wholeness by activating the innate healing power within their own minds and bodies. Jade Woman is rich in Taoist philosophy and Taoist practice of Three Secrets – Body Secrets, Language Secrets, and Mind Secrets. Working with the Three Secrets allows you to open 84,000 pores. The result is a greater awareness of all aspects of a woman’s life–spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. Experience and discover your own Qi Awareness Each chapter reveals the Taoist wisdom teachings that have been the foundation of Qigong practice and Chinese medicine for thousands of years. There is a Qigong lesson at the end of each section that allows readers to assess their understanding of Qigong philosophy and how to apply these principles for a healthy and fulfilling life. The lessons are easy to perform and can be used throughout your life for self-healing.



Jade Woman Qigong – DVD

 $37 USA Shipping/$47 International

Companion DVD to Master Liu He’s book Jade Woman Qigong – The Healing Power of Taoist Medicine for Every Woman. Jade Woman Qigong focuses on Tan Zhong, the secret point identified by Taoists as the source of blood in a woman’s body. The goal of Jade Woman Qigong is to increase and purify the woman’s blood supply by opening Tan Zhong, thereby cleansing all the female channels. Jade Woman also benefits the liver, which is known as the Commander of the blood. This DVD allows you to watch with or without commentary – a great study aid for your practice.

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Self-Massage and One Thousand Hands Buddha DVD

$37 USA Shipping/$47 International


A very important aspect of Qigong practice, self-massage can be a valuable preparation for your body and mind before you begin another Qigong method; like an appetizer before the meal. Self-massage is an excellent method in and of itself, one that can be practiced any time of the day to bring quiet to the mind and awaken the body with renewed energy. During self-massage, important acupoints are opened, and the body is cleansed and invigorated with new energy.

One Thousand Hands Buddha

This is a superior, spiritual healing Qigong method, inspired by the symbolical positioning of Buddha’s fingers, referred to as “mudras” by Buddhists. It is an approach producing calmness and inhibits the heart from “galloping away”, thus leading the practitioner into a state of silence and peace a little at a time. The interest of this Qigong method is fourfold: it removes suffering, fortifies energy, calms the heart and helps the spirit attain wisdom. The method also helps fight stress and maintain the memory.The DVD provides several options to view. Practice Self-Massage only or One Thousand Hands Buddha and choose between commentary or without commentary.

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Coming Into Harmony: Guided Qigong with Master Liu He (CD)

$15 US Shipping/$25.00 International Shipping

This audio CD provides four (4) guided meditations with Master Liu He:
1. Deep Breathing with Finger Massage. Settle into a calm, meditative state as you follow Master Liu’s instructions for deep breathing and simple finger massage to clear and relax the mind.
2. Guided Rainbow Meditation. Completely cleanse our body and spirit of excessive emotions that disrupt your life. In Qigong theory, each color of the rainbow connects to a specific emotion. Under Master Liu’s gentle guidance, fill yourself with each gift of color and release all negative emotions. Experience the beauty of the rainbow after a storm and the deep purification of the body and spirit.
3. Six Sounds Chanting Therapy. Purify and invigorate the major organ systems of your body through the healing vibrations of ancient chants. Join Master Liu as she connects each organ system to one of the Five Elements – Wood, Fire, Metal, Earth, Water – and immerses you in powerful vibrations that awaken your body. The sixth chant harmonizes the whole body and mind with the energy of the universe.
4. Guided Relaxation Meditation. Gently guide down Qi from the universe through your body, as you relax and open to the energy of the universe.