Master Liu He’s Self Healing Suggestions

This page will provide you a summary of Master Liu He’s Self Healing Suggestions often provided in past newsletters.

Year of the Metal Ox 2021

Feng Shui, Lifestyle, Qigong


Feng Shui

According to the Nine Flying Star Yi Jing Feng Shui, you need to avoid sleeping, sitting or working in  the North section of your home as much as possible. This year, the North section is considered the illness section.
In addition, the same applies for the Star moving into the Southeast section. (This is considered the trouble section for this year.)
Best energy sections are:
Center of the house
Colors to utilize this year:  Gold, Silver, Yellow, White

Below are some helpful tips :

First, you will need to draw a diagram of your home.

Once you have your diagram, assign the directions with a compass to your diagram. Then draw the grid (9 sections/square-see diagram) and find the directions for the grid sections. Master Liu He’s feng shui teachings rest in the Nine Flying Star Feng Shui method.




With the beginning of the Chinese Lunar  New Year, we all give birth to Shao Yang Qi  or “Young Yang Qi”.
Just as giving birth to a new baby, this “Young” Yang needs to be tended and developed for the yang to grow through the seasons.
In order to protect your Qi baby or young yang energy, keep the following suggestions in mind as you tend to this new energy allowing growth:
1. Stay warm. In some areas the weather is beginning to warm however you want to keep your feet and legs warm. Not wearing sandals and shorts.
2. Wear loose clothes and relax as much as possible. Do not overexert yourself.
 3. Walk gently for 30-45 minutes outside. No excessive sports or sweating.
4. Drink mung bean tea after breakfast.
5. Eat a small amount of sweet flavored foods to facilitate the gentle rising of the Liver Qi. Do not eat a  lot of sour flavored foods as this draws the Liver Qi in and down.
6. Do not eat spicy foods. Spicy foods contain a lot of heat and has potential to harm the Liver Qi.
7. Go to bed a little later then in winter however not later then 10:30pm.
8. Continue to soak feet in warm water before bed.


Practice Qigong for the Liver and Gallbladder. Here is a YouTube Video for you!



Winter Suggestions

Master Liu He suggested that all students at this time (Winter) not waste or bother their Yang Qi. Winter is considered a time for storage, just as nature and animals take this time to hibernate. She stated, if you do not preserve your Yang Qi,  all the Spring diseases will occur such as: cold hands & feet, Yang Qi will not be able to rise the entire year, difficult digestion, allergies, etc.

So how do you not waste or bother your Yang Qi? Here are some suggestions:

1. shower/bathe less – no more than 3 times per week
(especially not a sauna – excess sweat)
2. no excessive sweating during exercise
3. go to bed earlier and get up later (with the sunrise)
4. do not restrict eating to lose weight – store a little fat (with
healthy food not extra sweets)
5. avoid surgery if possible
6. avoid getting too excited
7. practice some Qigong for the Kidneys (If you are not sure
what to practice you could tap your teeth together while
you urinate-this supports the Kidneys).


Spring Suggestions

In the month of April, all the trees and flowers start to open and blossom. One key to staying healthy is to remember that what we see in nature is a reflection of what is within ourselves. This means that right now we have a great opportunity to open ourselves to new ideas, perspectives, and lifestyle habits.

To open and  support your Qigong practice this season, you may view the Liver Qigong Routine above. This routine is part of our Six Sounds Therapy form. Spring is the best time to enhance and support your liver function. The full version of the DVD is available for purchase via our website.


Taoist Nutrition Suggestions

Food is your best medicine when you seek to heal yourself.

Medication and herbs address one side of the healing process not a whole or complete healing. For a short period of time, you can ingest medication or herbs prior to damaging the stomach and experiencing side effects. With food, it is a safe way for healing as you eat food every day of your entire life. Food therapy is considered whole healing. When you eat “right” for you, you can maintain good health and heal yourself. Eating in this manner will also help you support and maintain a healthy metabolism. When your metabolism is healthy and functioning well, the body absorbs the nutrients better. Medication & herbs can weaken your digestive system and slow down your metabolism.

Due to many reasons, 7 out of 10 people today have a weak stomach and digestive problems. People consuming too much cold, raw, fatty, and/or processed foods along with our modern style life stresses creates a slow metabolism leading to weight gain, high cholesterol, and many diseases.

With a weak digestive system and slow metabolism which kinds of foods should you primarily choose?

Western medicine looks at food as essential while Taoist medicine looks at the person as essential. Western nutrition speaks about “superfood” and everyone should eat this or that. The problem arises when the testing on these foods are outside the body and not tested after consumption. Taoist nutrition addresses the individual person and which food will they be able to digest and obtain nourishment.

How do you know if you have a weak and damp stomach/digestive system?

– After you eat, your stomach feels uneasy.
– In the morning, when you wake up, check your tongue and the sides of the mouth for teethmarks.
– After a bowel movement, do you need to wipe with toilet paper more than once?

If you experience any of the above signs, please follow the advice below.

1. cut down on cold drinks/cold foods
2. eat more cook foods versus raw foods
3. drink tea with a full stomach (after you eat) not on an empty stomach
4. avoid eating cooling (energetic) foods by nature

If you don’t cook the food outside the body you will have to cook the food with your stomach and that utilizes your entire body Qi!


Summer Yin  Suggestions from Master Liu He

Summer has arrived! As we look at nature, during this time of the year, the surface of the earth is warm however when you step into a tunnel or underground it is very cold.  Our bodies mirror this same structure. Our yang Qi moves toward the outside and we feel hot, however our internal organs are very cool. In order to reinforce the yang and nourish the yin for this season, implement the following suggestions:

1. Eat/drink warm or room temperature foods/liquids.

2. Eat more soups and easily digestible foods.

3. Eat or drink  2-3 slices of ginger after breakfast.

4. Room or car temperature needs to be no more than 10 degrees different than outside temperature.

5. Practice Qigong – especially Tapping Qigong or Immune Boost (both available on Youtube).