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“The Classic of Washing the Marrow” is a practice and philosophy developed in the 6th century AD. Bodhidharma came to the Shaolin Temple after many difficulties and dangers. After promoting the teachings of Buddhism, he then integrated Chinese metaphysical culture into his talks. From these talks, a book was created, full of universal mysteries, the true meaning of life, and health preservation (longevity).
Purification of the Marrow Qigong is an excellent practice to promote health, vitality to develop internal force, and attain mental clarity. It allows the vital energy (Qi) to circulate at five different levels: the skin, the flesh, the meridians, the organs, and the bone marrow.
In this course, you will learn:
• Reach a deep level of body and mind connection.
• Remove all murky, toxic, and evil qi.
• Reinforce your Kidney’s Qi, Lung’s Qi, and open all the Shu points on the Bladder channels.
• Enhance memory as well as prevent and repair memory issues.

When purchasing, you will receive

  • Recorded links of the sessions, available to view for 4 weeks.
  • E- handouts for the form and slide presentation
  • Qi transmission in your own home from Master Liu He

Whereas when Qigong is properly practiced, it is extremely beneficial and presents minimal risk to one’s health, please consult your physician if you doubt your capabilities or have special health concerns.

Tuition Fee $245